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Malayalam News – ‘I could not even get to know Messi’; Messi reveals disappointment over leaving Barcelona News18 Kerala, Sports Latest Malayalam News

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Memphis Depay

When Messi left Barcelona after his end with Barcelona, ​​it was disappointing news for Barcelona and Messi’s fans. In addition to the fans, the players and former players at Barcelona had the same disappointment to share. Messi, who has joined Barcelona this season, has expressed his disappointment at the departure of Messi from Barcelona.

The player, who has been the face of the club for two decades, has brought a lot of achievements to the Catalan club. The impact of Messi’s presence on Barcelona was huge. One of the best clubs in the world, Barcelona has been able to bring a lot of great players to their tent under the influence of Messi’s presence. There were also those who chose Barcelona to fulfill their desire to play with Messi. Memphis Deep, a Dutchman who arrived in Barcelona this season, has also expressed a desire to play alongside Messi.

However, when Messi joined French club PSG after failing to renew his contract with Barcelona, ​​Deepa’s ambitions waned. Speaking to a Spanish newspaper yesterday, the Dutchman expressed his disappointment over Messi’s departure from Barcelona.

“I didn’t even get a chance to meet Messi. Messi arrived late in the pre – season after the break after the Copa America. I could not even say hello to the player,” Depe said.

Messi shared the frustration of leaving Barcelona, ​​adding that he has a clear idea of ​​what his role is at Barcelona and what coach Ronald Cooman expects from him. “I know what Cooman expects from me. I’m clear what to do. We have a chemistry between us, and it’s very important.” Deep clarified.

Pique, Jordi Alba and Sergino Dest, along with Kooman and former national team-mate De Jong, who had previously been with the Netherlands team, helped him adapt quickly to the team. “I will try my best for Barcelona,” he said.

The Dutchman is one of the key signings for Barcelona this season. Deepa, who had a stellar performance for Holland in the Euro Cup, is aiming to continue his glittering form at Barcelona. The player aims to increase the team’s forward striking power by making a good partnership with Danish ‘Martin Broadweight in Barcelona’s progress.

In addition to Deepa, another player who has signed a contract with Barcelona is Manchester City’s superstar and Messi’s teammate Sergio Aguero. Aguero, who has a close relationship with Messi, came to Barcelona from City with the goal of playing with Messi. Barcelona also aimed to keep Messi at Barcelona by signing Aguero. This was followed by a verbal agreement between Messi and Barcelona. However, due to restrictions in La Liga, Barcelona were unable to sign Messi.

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