Malayalee nurses lose lakhs in Saudi Arabia due to online scams

Jeddah: Malayalee nurses have lost lakhs due to online scams in Saudi Arabia. Three Malayalee nurses working at a hospital in Dammam lost money. The fraud took place two days after the money borrowed from the bank to pay off the local debt was credited to their account.

The first thing that came up was a phone call saying the account number and asking if this was in your name. After hearing their account number, they started talking, believing that the phone call was from the bank. They were kept on the line for more than 10 minutes without being cut off on the pretext of knowing some information. During this time, fraudsters transferred 38,000 riyals from one account and 40,000 riyals from two other accounts.

The OTP number was not asked when the phone arrived or anything. But within 10 minutes of the phone being unplugged, the OTP number that reached it was believed to have been taken by the fraudsters in some other way. They transferred the money to an account in a foreign country. The reply received from the bank officials was that it would be difficult to recover the money as the money was transferred to a foreign bank.

They have lodged a complaint with the police and the bank. The scam team set the trap without any suspicion. Bank officials have repeatedly stated that no bank will handle customer account information over the phone.



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