Malayalee woman gives birth on London-Kochi flight Kochi London Flight delivery

Nedumbassery: A Malayalee woman gave birth to a baby girl on an Air India London-Kochi flight. The flight to Kochi was delayed by 6 hours after the flight was diverted to Frankfurt, Germany to take the girl and baby to the hospital. Maria Philip, a native of Pathanamthitta, and her baby boy were admitted to a hospital in Frankfurt.

The incident took place on an Air India Dreamliner flight that took off from London on Tuesday night. The flight left at 7 pm Indian time. Shortly after dinner, the young woman experienced labor pains. After informing the cabin crew, they found 2 doctors who were on the plane. The 4 nurses who were traveling to Kochi came to help. The galley where the food was stored on the plane was converted into a temporary maternity ward. The pillows and cloths on the plane were used. First aid kits and physicians’ kits were relied upon in emergencies. She gave birth at 7 months gestation. The baby had no health problems, but doctors said the baby and the baby needed medical attention within 3 hours. The plane was flying over a Bulgarian airspace across the Black Sea.

The plane was piloted by pilots Shoma Soor and R. Narangam and a first officer, Saif Tinwala. They contacted Air India’s head office and obtained permission to divert the flight to the nearest Frankfurt airport. It was a 2 hour flight to Frankfurt. The plane landed in Frankfurt at 11pm.

Emergency medical assistance was provided at the airport in connection with the air traffic control tower. As soon as they disembarked, they were transferred to a remote bay and the woman, baby and one of their relatives were taken off the plane and taken to hospital by ambulance. The flight left Frankfurt in the morning and landed in Kochi at 9.45 am. The train will reach Kochi at 3.45 am.

English summary: Baby born on London-Kochi flight


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