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Malaysia International Travel Expo reopens two years later in hopes of rejuvenating tourism in anti-epidemic

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Malaysia International Travel Expo reopens two years later in hopes of rejuvenating tourism in anti-epidemic

2021-11-21 09:36:10Source: China News Network

China News Service, Kuala Lumpur, November 20 (Reporter Chen Yue) Two years after the last launch, the Malaysia International Tourism Exhibition, which was once suspended due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, re-appeared on the 20th, and is regarded by the Malaysian industry as the “tourism industry in the epidemic”. An important indicator of regression”.

As the current number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Malaysia is still at around 6000, the tourism exhibition has set up a number of epidemic prevention measures, but it still attracts many visitors. The reporter saw at the Kuala Lumpur World Trade Center where the travel exhibition was held that hundreds of chairs were arranged at the entrance according to social distance, filled with people waiting to enter. The staff told reporters that considering epidemic prevention factors, the exhibition limits the number of simultaneous visitors, and people can only wait outside when the infield is “full”.

Only those who have completed the vaccination are allowed to enter the exhibition, and the QR code must be scanned for registration and temperature measurement. Staff members both inside and outside the exhibition hall held up placards to remind the public to maintain a one-meter social distance. The scale of the exhibition has also been reduced compared with previous years, occupying only two exhibition halls in the World Trade Center.

Xu Guangbiao, head of the exhibition organizing committee, introduced that the exhibition not only attracted active participation of horse tourism industry, but also industry players from Turkey, the Philippines, Japan and other countries. In view of the fact that the tourism industry has suffered greater losses due to the market downturn, the organizers also provide preferential treatments and subsidies for exhibitors.

Xu Guangbiao said that compared with its neighbors in ASEAN, the Malaysian government is more cautious in relaxing travel restrictions from the perspective of epidemic prevention, but with the gradual liberalization of epidemic prevention measures, the tourism industry still has confidence in the future of the industry next year.

Sabah is the “main destination” of this tourism exhibition. Zheng Sulian, deputy general manager of Sabah State Tourism Bureau, told reporters that the epidemic has temporarily lost international tourists in Sabah. As the tourism industry restarts, Sabah has not only launched creative travel promotions, but also cooperated with Malaysian domestic and foreign airlines to provide various travel packages, hoping to turn the tourism industry from crisis into opportunity.

Xu Guangbiao also told reporters that from the perspective of this exhibition, the introduction of the tourism industry in a digital way may become a trend in the future; compared to group travel, individual or family free travel and in-depth travel will also be more favored by tourists. “After the epidemic, people will pay more attention to the quality of life and will have a higher willingness to travel.”


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