Male actor “The Chosen One” was accused of “taking the opportunity to have intercourse”, Huang Jianwei responded late at night: It is not true | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Huang Jianwei was referred to a sexual assault by a PTT netizen. (Photo / Facebook Flip of the man-made surfer chosen by the applicant)

Recently, the issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry has been taken seriously. Today (16th) PTT published an article called “Actor of the Chosen Man Accused of Sexual Assault”, and noted that an actress reported encountering the male actor from “The Chosen Man”. Torri, the clue is pointed out to the actor Huang Jianwei, and Huang Jianwei responded on the same day “that is not true.”

According to the screenshots posted by netizens on PTT, the actress said that when she was filming “Ransom”, she went back to the hotel one night and took sleeping pills. The actor knocked on the door and asked if she wanted to sing with the The next morning, I found myself lying on the bed with nothing on.” I asked the actor what happened last night. He said he was drunk. and she asked me why I wasn’t screaming. The other girls were screaming really loud. She also said I wasn’t fighting back.”

The actress believed this statement at the time, thinking it was an accident. Unexpectedly, many years later, the actor’s classmates heard about this encounter and said firmly, “This is not the first time XXX be like this.” The actress has buried this pain for a long time. It was the recent sexual harassment, and she decided to write about what happened. Whether it was accidental or intentional, there was no criminal penalty for casual intercourse. , and there was no concept of casual intercourse in society.”

As for who the actress mentioned the actor, according to the clues in her article, she refers to the actor who has acted in “The Chosen One” and the short film “Ransom”, which seems to he was referring to Huang Jianwei, and Huang Jianwei also responded: “When I was young, I did, I have been in contact with many people, but the report said that I had a relationship for almost 20 years back, it is not true and I have never broken the law. I will trust a lawyer to take further legal action against the false claims. I feel sad about many recent events it is bad I’m sorry, and I’m very sorry to the units and friends involved.”

The actress said that she “doesn’t want to see that person’s face”, so she did not watch Taiwanese dramas. She decided to watch “The Applicant”, not because of the loud discussion, but because she was reading the list of creators. , “I really want to ask Jian Liying, Xie Yingxuan, Liao Liling… You people, don’t you really know? You really don’t know anything about his “actions” at school? Or, and do you know a lot of things The point is not. Only when work and personal ethics are clearly differentiated can you have a chance to achieve and realize dreams?”