‘Mama-Wai-Wai-Yum Yum’ discusses the Ministry of Commerce to raise the price of noodles by 1 baht per pack to 7 baht.

Can’t afford the price! Three giant instant noodle manufacturers, including the brand “Mama-Wai-Wai-Yam Yum”, slapped their feet to discuss with the Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade. to clarify the situation of production costs From the past, palm oil has risen at least 3 times, the price of wheat flour has moved from 300 baht per size of 22.5 kilograms (kg) to 450 baht.

However, the request to adjust the price of noodles will be the main product, priced at 6 baht per pack, requesting an increase of 1 baht to 7 baht per pack.

For the noodle market, ten billion baht, the main product is priced at 6 baht from the three manufacturers, accounting for more than 70% of the market, with the rest being 10 baht, 14 baht, and some 15 baht per pack. It depends on the recipe and taste.

In addition, the three major noodle producers, Thai President Foods The owner of Mama brand, Thai food product factory, Wai Wai producer and Yam Yum maker Ajinomoto, account for more than 90% of the market.

The initial news report stated that If the cost effect clarification to request a price increase Then the government does not want consumers to be shocked. May ask to help fix the price of the same product for how many months before, can do, but in the end must consider the details first

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