Man Arrested for Attacking Woman at Bus Stop with Stun Gun

Arrest Made After Woman Attacked with Stun Gun at Bus Stop

A man has been apprehended by authorities following a shocking incident in which he targeted a woman waiting at a bus stop with a powerful stun gun. The assailant, who initially denied any involvement, was swiftly taken into custody after law enforcement discovered the weapon concealed in his socks.

Hyun Ji-ho, a reputable reporter, has closely followed the development of this case.

Eyewitnesses Describe Terrifying Assault

  • A suspicious man was observed loitering around the bus stop.
  • Without warning, he swiftly approached the woman standing next to him and placed something around her neck.
  • Frightened by the unexpected assault, the woman attempted to give chase, only to witness the assailant vanishing from the scene.
  • Further examination revealed that the object used to harm the victim was, in fact, a stun gun.

[Modified quote from the victim (voice disguised)]
“I was gazing rightward when suddenly it struck me from the left. The attack happened so swiftly, catching me off guard. My face swelled abruptly, and one of my eyes trembled uncontrollably…”

Desperate to evade capture, the suspect quickly fled approximately 300 meters before seeking refuge inside a nearby convenience store.

Once inside, the perpetrator discreetly retrieved the stun gun from his bag and concealed it within his sock, all while maintaining a facade of innocence. Unperturbed by his abhorrent actions, he calmly advanced towards the payment counter.

Upon arrival, the authorities were promptly informed of the incident, and a police officer arrived at the scene. The suspect, however, vehemently denied any involvement, even smoking quietly throughout the interaction.

[Modified quote from a witness (voice disguised)]
“He carried a large bag and headed towards a corner of the store, donning a white shirt and suit pants. Hence, I presumed he was looking for a different item…”

However, upon conducting a meticulous search of the suspect’s person, the police promptly discovered the stun gun, leaving no room for doubt.

The detained individual, currently facing charges for grievous bodily harm, admitted to the authorities that curiosity had driven him to experiment with the effects of the stun gun on a human target. Furthermore, a billiard ball was also discovered in his bag, raising further questions about his motives.

The victim, who endured injuries for a duration of two weeks, has since been receiving medical treatment at a local hospital.

As investigations continue, the police are determined to ascertain the true motive behind this alarming crime.

This noteworthy incident has been reported exclusively by your trusted news source, the local edition of MBC News.

Video comment: Lee Kyung-soo (Busan)

◀ Anchor ▶

A man has been arrested after attacking a woman he saw at a bus stop with a stun gun.

When the police were reported and dispatched, he denied the crime, but was arrested when the stun gun hidden in his socks was discovered.

Reporter Hyun Ji-ho covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

A man walks around the bus stop.

Then he put something around the neck of the woman next to him.

When the woman is frightened, the man disappears from the scene.

The object that stabbed the woman was a stun gun.

[피해자 (음성변조)]

“I was looking to the right, but it was from the left. I don’t even know when it came. My face is suddenly swollen, and one eye is shaking … ″

When the woman was chasing, the man ran 300m and hid inside the mart.

Then, in an empty corner of the store, he takes the stun gun out of his bag and hides it in his sock.

Then, as if nothing had happened, I went to the payment counter.

He denies the crime to the police officer who was reported to the scene and smokes quietly.

[목격자 (음성변조)]

″He was carrying a large bag and went to a corner in a white shirt and just suit pants. So I thought you were looking for something else…″

However, when a police officer searched the man’s body, a stun gun was immediately found.

A man arrested as a current offender said he tried it because he was curious about what would happen if he stabbed a person with a stun gun.

A billiard ball was also found in the man’s bag.

[경찰 관계자 (음성변조)]

“I was a bit curious about how people do it. (In the bag) There was one glove with a coating on it. And clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, umbrella… ″

The victim sustained injuries for two weeks and is being treated in hospital.

Police arrested the man on charges of grievous bodily harm and are investigating the motive for the crime.

This is the local edition of MBC News.

Video comment: Lee Kyung-soo (Busan)

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