Man of dementia t

Man of dementia  t

And dementia diagnosis is often heartbreaking, but for one Scottish man.

Bill Duncan proposed to Anne, his wife of 12 years, prompting a second wedding.

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Dementia robbed Bill of his memories of being married, but not his love for Anne.

Believing she was his girlfriend, he decided to make their relationship permanent.

"You said," said Anne. T

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Finally, understand what Bill was trying to say.

'Yes,' do you mean you want to marry me? ' And yes.

. T "I have just understood it."

Bill and Anne were first married 12 years ago.
Bill and Anne were first married 12 years ago.Image: 7NEWS

Anne thought he would forget their conversation.

Twelve years after marrying.

They said. T

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"It didn't seem to be strange or amazing thing to do."

"It was very happy to do it."


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