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‘Man Utd disaster’ after 66 years… ‘Ronaldo kicking’ frantically

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Liverpool beat Manchester United 5-0. Manchester United suffered the disgrace of a 5-0 defeat at home for the first time in 66 years, and Ronaldo was furious with kicks.

This news is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Manchester United collapsed helplessly as they watched Liverpool Salah’s one-man show in front of a 73,000 home crowd.

Salah, who conceded the opening goal to Keita in the 5th minute of the first half, and scored an assist, shook the net continuously from the 38th minute leading 2-0.

When a left footed shot came out of the defense, it rushed in and shook the net with her right foot.

After scoring 10 goals in a row, Salah added an extra-time key in the first half and completely knocked out Manchester United in the fifth minute of the second half.

He completed the hat-trick with a clever left-footed shot after receiving a through-pass from Henderson that seemed to split the ground.

Ronaldo lost his composure in the gloomy atmosphere as the joys and losses were sharply divided early on and Manchester United crowds left the stadium.

He wildly knocked down Curtis Jones during a ball contest and then kicked the ball back and forth in the stomach.

The referee only pulled out a yellow card due to the excessive kicking.

[운 좋게 호날두의 발과 존스 사이에 공이 있어서 강력한 ‘경고’만 받네요.]

Pogba was also sent off for harsh fouls, and Man United suffered a 5-0 defeat at home for the first time in 66 years in manners.

(Video editing: Oh Young-taek, CG: Kang Yu-ra)


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