‘Man Utd transfer rumors’ de Jong “Barça is my dream club. I want to stay”

Barcelona midfielder De Jong has drawn the line over his transfer rumors

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “Barcelona was my dream club even when I was young”

Barcelona’s Dutch national team midfielder Frankie de Jong has begun to evolve the transfer rumors surrounding him.

De Yong transfer rumors have been raised. The destination is Manchester United, headed by Ten Haach.

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The reason for the transfer rumor is Ten Hagh. During the Ajax days, ten Haach unearthed a stone called a dragon. He has developed into a top midfielder. At the same time, it was rumored that he was the right resource for Manchester United to rebuild the midfield. To make matters worse, Barcelona’s financial problems also fueled speculations about a transfer to De Jong.

The reaction of the parties was different. De Jong said, “I want to stay in Barcelona” in an interview published in ‘Global Edition’ of this media (Gol.com) on the 31st (local time).

In a report citing an interview with ESPN after the Dutch national team call, De Jong said, “Barcelona is my dream club. It’s been like that since I was a kid. I’ve just said it. Even though I wanted to win more awards than I’ve ever achieved, I made my choice. I have no regrets,” he said, expressing his loyalty to Barcelona.

Regarding the transfer rumors, he said, “There has been no agreement or official agreement. There is no doubt at this point. In any case, I don’t know. Of course, they may not have told me. But I don’t think so.”

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Even when he shakes De Jong, his heart seems to be all about Barcelona.

The variable is Barcelona’s financial problem. Kessie and Christensen, who are likely to sign free agents, are also not registered as official players. Lewandowski’s move should also be observed here. It is no wonder that the market is salivating as a major striker has appeared. As it is not a free agent signing, a transfer fee needs to be paid. The dragon is being mentioned as a scapegoat (?) that can be turned into cash right away.

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