Man Waco with Missing Dementia

KWTX He reported that the Waco authorities were on Tuesday as they were searching for an missing elderly person.

A missing person is always a major concern, but is multiplied by 10 when the older person they are looking for has dementia.

Dementia can cause not to recognize your environment, as well as an overall reduction in mental capacity in a person's daily life.

The missing man is Charles Edward Johnson, 74, who is seen around 4:30 last year. Monday in Waco at Vantage Apartments. The Vantage Apartments are located at 3001 South New Road.

Waco authorities said that Johnson had seen wearing a dark gray hoody and blue navy fleece. If you have any information to help search the Waco Police Department, please contact Waco's Police Department at (254) -750-7500.

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