Man who capsizes on yacht rescued by helicopter… Turns out, most wanted criminal

Video taken on the 3rd (local time) in the Columbia River, USA. Yacht turned into strong waves./Wardd Coast of the United States Twitter

A man who almost lost his life due to waves in the Columbia River in the United States was rescued by the United States Coast Guard on the 3rd (local time). Later, it became known that this man was a wanted criminal./Facebook

A man who almost lost his life in the raging waves of the Columbia River in the United States was saved thanks to lifeguards. However, it is surprising that this man was known late last year as a wanted criminal.

On the 4th (local time), US Fox News and others reported on the incident where a man was rescued from an overturned yacht in Astoria, Oregon on the 3rd.

According to reports, the US Coast Guard announced on Twitter on the day of the accident that two Coast Guard aviators were dispatched to the scene after receiving an emergency rescue request signal that read “Mayday.” At the time, the crew found a yacht that was stuck in the waves and unable to get out of the site. The crew decided that it would be difficult to rescue in a boat because of the strong waves, so they decided to send a rescuer in a helicopter down to the sea to approach the yacht.

The guards also shared a video of the rescue operation at the time. The video shows lifeguards swimming towards the yacht and a man standing behind the yacht. As the lifeguards approached the yacht, a large wave came down on the yacht. The yacht was overturned by the strong waves and the man fell into the sea.

It was a dizzying moment that could lead to injuries, but luckily the rescuers and the man were unharmed. The Coast Guard said, “The boat overturned, but the rescuers were able to save the passengers safely.” The man was then taken to hospital and treated.

Later, through police and media reports, it was reported that the man who was rescued from a yacht and survived was a wanted criminal.

Astoria Police Chief Stacey Kelly said the passenger was identified as Jericho Labonte, 35, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Chief Kelly said Labonte has been wanted in British Columbia for harassment and other charges since last fall.

It was also revealed that the yacht that Labonte was riding at the time of the disaster was not his. Chief Kelly explained that the yacht was confirmed to be the property of Mr A, who lives near Warrenton, Oregon. Police said Labonte is also accused of sneaking into the Astoria home and leaving a dead fish on the front porch.

However, Labonte has reportedly not yet been charged by the police. This is because the police confirmed his charges only after Labonte was released from hospital. Fox News said police are continuing their investigation, including locating Labonte.

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