Man Who Disappeared for 10 Years Found in Greece Through TV Program: A Tale of Betrayal and Abandonment

A Missing Man Found After 10 Years Through TV Program for Finding Lost Individuals

Imola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy – In a stunning turn of events, a man who vanished without a trace in 2013 has been discovered alive in Greece through a television program dedicated to locating missing persons. Adamo Guerra, a former home goods salesman, had left behind three letters indicating his intention to end his life, leaving his family devastated and questing for answers.

After months of investigations, authorities had concluded that Guerra had likely taken his own life by throwing himself into the sea, driven by financial struggles. However, his doting wife, Rafaela Borghi, refused to accept this tragic fate and chose to petition for divorce.

A Twist in the Tale

During the legal process, a surprising revelation emerged. Guerra’s lawyer stumbled upon evidence suggesting that the missing man had applied to become a registered voter in Greece earlier this year. This startling information led Borghi on a quest to uncover the truth surrounding her estranged husband’s mysterious disappearance.

Seeking assistance, Borghi turned to the renowned Italian public broadcaster Rai and its missing person TV program, known as ‘Chi l’ha visto?’ (Has anyone seen him?), in her tireless pursuit to locate her long-lost spouse.

Strong emotions flooded the air during the episode aired on the 20th, when Borghi instantly recognized her husband in a video clip. Contrary to all previous assumptions, Guerra was alive and well, leading an entirely new existence in Patras, a city situated in western Greece.

A Shocking Reunion

The 55-year-old Guerra, who had been declared deceased, was taken aback when he discovered he was being recorded. Startled, he demanded the camera be turned off and the crew to leave, exclaiming, “You’ve found me, now go away. This is the end.”

While watching her estranged husband’s astonishing reaction unfold onscreen, Borghi’s expression twisted into one of disgust, as she uttered, “He is not a man, not a father. He is now a grandfather, and he doesn’t even know it.”

Guerra’s decade-long disappearance and refusal to contact his wife and two daughters have left a void that may never be fully repaired. The circumstances surrounding his vanishing act, as well as the decision to start afresh without informing his loved ones, are yet to be revealed.

With the unexpected reunion of Guerra and Borghi, their lives have been thrust into further turmoil and the process of healing and closure is anticipated to be an arduous journey for all parties involved.

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A man who disappeared in Italy in 2013 after leaving a will to his family was found in Greece 10 years later through a TV program to find missing people.

According to the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera on the 22nd (local time), Adamo Guerra, who was a seller of home goods, suddenly disappeared on July 7, 2013, leaving behind a letter suggesting suicide at his home in Imola , Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy, lost.

There were three letters in all. One was directed to his parents, the other to his colleagues, and the last to his wife, Rafaela Borghi.

“I don’t want to break your heart, but unfortunately it’s time to end it,” the letter said.

Guerra’s car was found in the port of Ancona, in the Marche region of central Italy.

The investigative agency concluded that Guerra’s disappearance was a suicide in 2014, believing that he committed suicide by throwing himself into the sea due to financial difficulties.

His wife, Borghi, could not easily accept the fact that her husband, who had always been considerate and attentive, had made such an extreme choice and abandoned their two young daughters (aged 16 and 12 at the time of the disappearance , respectively) .

Borghi stayed, but her husband did not return. Borghi finally gave up and filed for divorce, but there was a twist.

While working on divorce documents, the lawyer discovered that Guerra had applied to register as a foreign voter in February 2022. The lawyer told Borghi that her husband was in Patras, western Greece.

Borghi did not believe it. I thought someone had accidentally obtained my husband’s ID and registered it under a false name.

Just in case, Borghi asked the Italian public broadcaster Rai’s missing person TV program ‘Chi l’ha visto? (Has anyone seen him?)’ to help her find her husband.

In the episode broadcast on the 20th, Borghi immediately recognized her husband as soon as she saw the video.

Her husband, who was believed to be dead, found a job in Greece and was living a new life. During the 10 years he disappeared, he never contacted his wife and two daughters.

Guerra, now 55, was embarrassed when she discovered the camera. He shouted to turn off the camera and chase the crew out. He said, “You got me, so go away. This is the end.”

Borghi, who watched this scene, said with a disgusted expression, “He is not a man, not a man, not a father. He is now a grandfather and he does not even know it.”

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