Man who is charged with listening to murder Riley Crossman West Virginia

Man who is charged with listening to murder Riley Crossman West Virginia

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. – A preliminary hearing for Berkeley Springs man who is obliged to kill Riley Crossman aged 15 in Morgan County, W.Va, has been rescheduled for June 12 within 10 days of his arrest.

Andy Jackson McCauley Jr., 41, charged with murder, was detained in the Eastern Regional Prison near Martinsburg, W.Va., Since his booking on 16 May, according to prison records.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Friday.

McCauley's case was assigned this week to Berkeley County (W.Va.) Magistrates Richard Stephens after the magistrate of Morgan County K.M. Ambrose reiterated himself, said court records.

Debra Ditto, Morgan County's other magistrate, was one of Riley's grandparents.

K.C. Sheriff of the County of Morgan. Bohrer said Wednesday night that the medical examiner's office recognizes Riley relics automatically in autopsy.

Her remains were decomposed, found May 16 in the 5500 block of Tuscarora Pike in Berkeley County, already identified by the police, at least partly, through clothing and dental astronauts, said court records.

The discovery on top of the North Mountain about 5 miles west of Interstate 81 ended with a search that started in May 8. Police did not provide data about how and why Riley was killed.

"Perhaps the power would not have been known for some time," Bohrer said last week after McCauley had cut.

A funeral service for Riley has been arranged for Sunday.

I posted Facebook this week, Riley's father and stepmother insisted “people to light up the darkness” with Saturday lanterns at 11:11 p.m., wherever they might be at that time.

The social media notice shows the couple that they bought 800 lanterns and will distribute those who attend Saturday sessions at South Berkeley Church in Inwood, W.Va.

“We hope they can be seen throughout the Panhandle. We encourage anyone who can't do the service, but this tragedy has hit him, go out and buy a lantern before Saturday, ”the couple wrote the job.

"Every kind of kindness we received during this dark time was a little light among that darkness. This community of family, friends, neighbors and whole strangers who came together in his name would have been so impressed with Riley." "

Riley was remembered as her father as "a beautiful, innocent soul with a smile filling the room."

"She was a natural artist, a talented dancer, and had an angel's voice," according to her history, which was published on Wednesday. "Riley loved babies and toddlers, they were always drawn to them, but she had no more than her little sister and two younger brothers.

"She was helpful, caring, clever, prudent and as dramatic as teenage girls. There was plenty of light and love for her Riley family; she was loving and kind."

Her mother Riley, a newcomer at Berkeley Springs High School, reported missing on the night of May 8, when she learned that her daughter did not go to school that day.

Hundreds of volunteers, many law enforcement officers and other emergency respondents searched the area at the Riley search in the days before her body was being found over an embankment, just east of Swinging Bridge Road, at West Virginia Division d & # 39; Natural Resources officers.

The police provided McCauley with allegations of his incompatible activities on the morning of 8 May and did not breach video surveillance footage gathered in the investigation.

The police also said that they put together evidence that Riley's body in the back of a working truck seems to have McCauley traveling between his home in Berkeley Springs to his construction job site near Hedgesville, W.Va.

The Riley body appeared to have had a drywall mud on his right shoulder and on his right foot when she was found, the court records said.

Flat drywall mud was found fresh in the work truck bed, said records.

Using cadaver dogs, the positive presence of a deceased person was reported under the utility tool box in the truck bed, which the records said.


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