Manager confirms that Prapt is not affiliated with Forex-3D

Manager “Prapt Praptpatol” confirms that he is not involved in Forex-3D, waiting for the time to come out to explain the truth.

From the previous case, the “collect scammers from Forex 3d” page has come out to reveal the next Forex-3D related Dara Por abbreviation. and later posted a photo that says As a DSI officer, confiscate luxury cars and reveal “There are rumors that P is a man. So it might be Prapatol, the ex-wife Apirak’s new boyfriend, in the picture is dsi, the seizure team, standing to take a picture with the medium. This car should be 20 million”

made a great young actor Prapt Praptpadol Suwanbang It is interesting that Will Prapt also be another star involved in the Forex-3D case?

Most recently, today (September 19, 65), Prapt’s personal manager. giving information to the news team that Regarding the Forex-3D sharing case, Prapt has nothing to do with the case and his girlfriend is now being prosecuted according to the law. But in Prapt’s part, he confirmed his sincerity. Now let’s talk to the elders first. and he will come out and declare the truth for sure But let’s see about the appropriate date and time and readiness again.

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