Manager Joao Felix argues that Man Utd and Liverpool's goal is not the next one 's other Cristiano Ronaldo;

Portugal manager Fernando Santos made comparisons between Joao Felix's teenage celebration and the top-time choir conductor Cristiano Ronaldo, claiming that the two are “completely different”.

The Benfica galaxy, 19 years old, is linked to many European elite clubs after an attractive season in Primeira Liga.

Manchester United is one of the people who sent the star to Real Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus.

Felix has 10 goals and five of them help 18 of the Portuguese players in the Portuguese leagues, and the title is “next Cristiano Ronaldo”.

Joao Felix de Benfica enjoyed a fantastic season with the Portuguese giants

But Santos, who led Portugal with Euro 2016 victory, is keen on any comparisons between Felix and a 34-year-old Portuguese superstar, who Portugal, has demonstrated, has 85 international goals.

"If I hadn't thought that quality was Joao, I think it would be here, it's very easy, I don't put Joao but because I believe he has huge potential," said Santos, according to O Jogo.

“A few phrases I say on the street that I can't say as a coach, I will repeat it, every player in the national team is a great player, you can't compare things that are not comparable.

Cristiano Ronaldo in training with Portugal

"Two players are great qualities, but they are completely different.

"To compare, they had to be players with very similar characteristics, but they are of the highest quality.

“They are players who can reach the national team at 16, 17 or 18. (Paulo) Futre, Ronaldo, they have a lot of quality or have not reached the main national team at this age.”

Portuguese coach Fernando Santos is making comparisons between the two

Earlier this month Benfica left a warning to Manchester United and Liverpool as Felix is ​​interested in the boy.

They intend to raise the teenage purchasing clause before the end of the season to leave it free.

It would take € 120 million (£ 103m) as it stands to attract the 19-year-old man from Portugal.

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