Managing an amusement park? A new game this year is ‘Park Beyond’.

If you missed Roller Coaster Tycoon and enjoyed Parkitect and Planet Coaster all along, you can now look back on those memories with a new game.

Bandai Namco Europe announced the service schedule along with a new video of the amusement park management simulation Park Beyond through the Future Game Showcase Showcase Spring 2023 held on the 24th.

Developed by Limbic Entertainment, developer of Tropico 6, this work features a variety of rides that are not limited by gravity. In particular, the production of the roller coaster, which is the core of the amusement park, has been designed to include simple but new elements. Tracks can be created and modified intuitively by dragging and dropping to change position, height, etc. In addition, it is possible to operate a roller coaster that takes advantage of gravity-defying elements typical of the game, such as leaving the center of the track empty and jumping or flying with a cannon.

In addition to roller coasters, various rides, user convenience facilities, and decoration elements that can be enjoyed in an amusement park are also prepared, and these objects can be placed by changing the size, angle, direction, etc. to the liking of the user.

This work, which becomes the new architect of an amusement park that has withered in popularity and makes it the best theme park, was surprisingly released through Gamescom in 2021. However, despite the expectations of fans who for a new amusement park management simulation, the detailed release news was not presented, so the wait continued.

Bandai Namco announced a detailed release date by unveiling the Pac-Man pre-order bonus pack, which adds various content based on Pac-Man, and the Zombie Yond DLC that makes use of the zombie atmosphere. The game is set to be officially released on PC, PS5, and XSX on June 16, with a closed beta on May 9 for those who have signed up for the upcoming beta.


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