Managing Urinary Concerns During the Long Chuseok Holiday

Headline: Chuseok Holidays Bring Concerns for Patients with Urinary Problems

– Introduction: The upcoming Chuseok holiday in South Korea is anticipated to be a week-long break, bringing excitement as people travel and reunite with loved ones. However, for individuals with urinary problems, this joyous time can also be fraught with challenges. Whether embarking on short or long-distance trips, the urgency to urinate can cause inconvenience and embarrassment. Those suffering from conditions like cystitis face even deeper concerns during this period.

– Understanding Urinary Urgency: Urinary urgency is a disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to urinate, often accompanied by a strong need to urinate frequently. This condition can be particularly troublesome for individuals suffering from interstitial cystitis, a type of cystitis that causes severe urinary urgency symptoms. Interstitial cystitis primarily affects women and is associated with muscle damage and fibrosis in the bladder wall, leading to excruciating pain.

– The Mechanics of Urinary Urgency: The muscles in the bladder contract and relax to control urination. However, in cases of interstitial cystitis, these muscles become stiff and fail to function smoothly, resulting in frequent urination and a constant urge to urinate. This condition is known to cause extreme discomfort and pain, especially when the bladder is full.

– Challenges in Treating Interstitial Cystitis: Interstitial cystitis is a perplexing condition with an unclear cause and no typical pathological findings. As a result, treatment options are often ineffective or provide temporary relief. Common approaches, such as drug treatments or surgical procedures, may not offer long-term solutions. To address interstitial cystitis fundamentally, it is crucial to strengthen the function of bladder-related organs, prevent fibrosis in bladder muscles, and restore normal bladder function.

– Coping Strategies for Bladder Disease Patients: Patients with bladder diseases, including interstitial cystitis, should take proactive measures to ease their urinary concerns during the holidays. Recommended strategies include opting for trains with onboard bathrooms for long journeys instead of buses or private cars. Moreover, avoiding diuretic and bladder irritant beverages like coffee, black tea, and carbonated drinks can help prevent frequent urination. Staying hydrated with mild ginseng tea can contribute to reducing moisture release, combating the symptoms of bladder diseases.

– Recognizing the Impact of Immunity and Fatigue: Bladder diseases, including chronic cystitis, interstitial cystitis, and overactive bladder, tend to worsen when one’s immune system is compromised or fatigue accumulates. Therefore, individuals with cystitis should avoid excessive physical exertion during the holidays and be cautious about sudden increases in activity levels. As the temperature fluctuates with the arrival of October, maintaining overall well-being becomes challenging. Prioritizing warmth and avoiding overeating are essential steps to safeguarding health.

– Conclusion: As the Chuseok holidays approach, it is our sincere hope that individuals battling cystitis can enjoy a healthy and joyful break, free from the burdens of their condition. By adopting preventive measures and taking care of their well-being, these individuals can lead their daily lives without compromising their health and happiness.

– Ki-Jeong Son, Director of the Japan-China Oriental Medicine Clinic

[손기정 일중한의원 원장] This year’s Chuseok holiday will be a long holiday of up to a week. The atmosphere is exciting as they return to their home town or travel domestically and internationally with friends and family.

Urinary problems can be a headache on vacation trips that can take as little as two to three hours or as long as five or six hours or more. Even if there is a rest area or a portable toilet, if you feel the urgent need to pass water on a crowded road and can’t catch it, you end up stamping your feet. In particular, patients suffering from urinary urgency due to diseases such as cystitis have deeper concerns.

Urinary urgency is a urinary disorder where a person cannot hold back the urge to urinate and feels a strong need to urinate. At this time, if you do not urinate immediately, urine may leak out regardless of your will, causing considerable embarrassment.

Among cystitis, the one with the most severe urinary urgency symptoms is interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is a disease that occurs due to damage to the muscles that make up the bladder wall and the progression of fibrosis which hardens. The incidence rate is much higher in women than in men, and it causes great pain.

The muscles in the bladder relax when urine fills and contract again when urine is expelled. However, if the bladder muscles become stiff and do not contract and relax smoothly, urinary urgency and frequent urination, a strong need to urinate, occur frequently, and most people suffering from extreme pain. In particular, interstitial cystitis has more severe urinary urgency symptoms than acute cystitis, and is characterized by worsening symptoms when urine is filled and almost no pain when urinating.

As such, patients with interstitial cystitis suffer greatly, but the cause is not clear and there are no typical pathological findings such as infection. Because of this situation, there are many cases where the treatment is not effective or occurs repeatedly, making it one of the representative incurable female diseases. Drug treatments such as anticholinergics and antihistamines, laser cauterization, or hydrostatic bladder expansion surgery are often ineffective or the symptoms reappear after a certain period of time. To treat the condition fundamentally, the key is to strengthen the function of bladder-related organs, prevent fibrosis of the bladder muscles, and restore bladder function to normal.

Patients with bladder diseases, including interstitial cystitis, need to prepare in their own way to relieve urinary concerns such as urgency during the holidays. Firstly, when traveling long distances, it is more convenient to use a train with a bathroom rather than a bus or private car. You should avoid coffee, black tea, carbonated drinks, and drinks containing caffeine, which promote diuresis and irritate the bladder mucosa. To stay hydrated and prevent frequent urination, it’s a good idea to prepare a mild ginseng tea in advance and drink it on the go. It has a strong effect of raising energy from the lower part and helps to prevent the release of moisture.

In addition, what must be kept in mind is that bladder diseases such as chronic cystitis, interstitial cystitis, and overactive bladder occur frequently and worsen symptoms when immunity and fatigue increase. Patients with cystitis should be careful not to accumulate fatigue by overexerting themselves or suddenly increasing their activity during the holidays. Especially as October begins, the daily temperature difference increases, making it difficult to maintain general health. You need to keep your body as warm as possible and be careful not to overeat.

During the long holiday season, we hope that those suffering from cystitis will be able to spend the Chuseok holidays healthy and happy, feeling calm and living their daily lives as normal.

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