Manchester City Set to Make Bid for Declan Rice as Transfer Target Intensifies

Manchester City Set to Launch Bid for Declan Rice from West Ham United

In a recent development, Manchester City is reportedly preparing a bid to acquire the talented midfielder Declan Rice from West Ham United. Renowned journalist David Ornstein revealed this exciting news, shedding light on City’s determination to bolster their squad.

It has been no secret that Arsenal has been eyeing Rice for the past couple of months, making him their primary target. However, their previous attempts to secure his services were met with rejection from West Ham. Undeterred, Arsenal made a second offer, this time worth a staggering £90 million, hoping to sway West Ham’s decision.

Following the departure of Ilkay Gundogan, who chose to move to Barcelona, Manchester City swiftly moved to secure Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea. Now, with their sights firmly set on Declan Rice, the reigning Premier League champions are reportedly set to make an official offer today.

The potential acquisition of Rice would undoubtedly be a significant boost for Manchester City. The English midfielder possesses immense talent and versatility, making him a highly sought-after player in the transfer market. His inclusion would bring depth and quality to City’s already formidable squad.

In related news, there have been reports of Newcastle showing interest in signing Tonali, while rumors suggest that Sadio Mane is on the verge of leaving Bayern Munich, with Newcastle being a potential destination. These ongoing transfer discussions and negotiations in the Premier League have certainly captured the attention of football enthusiasts all around.

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Stay tuned for more as Manchester City, and other clubs, continue their pursuit of strengthening their squads ahead of the new season.

Manchester City are preparing to make a bid to West Ham United for Declan Rice, according to David Ornstein.

England midfielder Declan Rice He became Arsenal’s main target for the last 1-2 months and after the end of the 2022/23 season, the artillery made an offer to West Ham to consider him twice, but he was previously rejected. The second offer is worth £90 million.

After the team lost Ilkay Gundogan, who did not renew the contract and chose to move to Barcelona, ​​Man City reached an agreement to grab Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea to join the team and is considering submitting an offer to grab Rice officially today.

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