Manchester City Signs Portuguese Midfielder Matheus Nunes for £53 Million

Manchester City Completes High-Profile Signing Amidst Negotiations with Wolves

Portuguese Midfield Star Matheus Nunes Joins Manchester City

On Friday, Manchester City secured a significant addition to their squad with the signing of Portuguese midfield maestro, Matheus Nunes. The talented player, who has already earned 11 appearances for Portugal, agreed to a lucrative five-year contract with the Premier League giants. The transfer fee for this high-profile move has been reported to be a staggering £53 million, making it one of the most noteworthy deals of the summer.

This exciting transfer development came after intense negotiations between Manchester City and Wolves, Nunes’ former club. The Premier League champions had expressed their desire to acquire the highly sought-after midfielder for quite some time. However, their initial offer of £47 million was rejected by Wolves, who set a transfer fee demand of £60 million for their prized asset. Nevertheless, recent reports have confirmed that the two clubs reached an agreement, and Nunes is now set to don the revered sky-blue jersey.

In a statement, Nunes expressed his elation at being a part of Manchester City, a renowned powerhouse in European football. “I am thrilled to join Manchester City, the frontrunners of the European league and a club that I have deeply admired,” said the talented midfielder. Nunes, who will proudly wear the No.27 shirt, transferred to Wolves from Spetting last year for a modest £38 million. His exceptional performances not only helped his team secure its place in the Premier League but also earned the club a substantial profit of over ten million pounds.

This significant signing by Manchester City will undeniably bolster their already talented squad and further solidify their position as one of the top contenders in domestic and European competitions. The contract also includes a provision that grants Manchester City 10% of the proceeds from any future transfer of Nunes, ensuring the club’s long-term financial benefit.

Sports Now】 Manchester City is eager to buy. On Friday, the Wolves signed Portuguese midfielder Madios Nuniz with a transfer fee of 53 million pounds.

Manchester City on Friday signed Matheus Nunes, who played 11 times for Portugal, on a five-year contract with a transfer fee of £53 million according to the BBC. The contract also states that if Manchester City sells Nunes in the future, they can get 10% of the proceeds of the transaction.

Manchester City has been linked for a long time with the name of this son. They offered 47 million pounds to replace the injured Dibney, but were rejected by the Wolves. The latter demanded a transfer fee of 60 million pounds before they were willing to release him. However, the BBC reported on Thursday and it was subsequently confirmed by Wolves team leader Gary O’Neill that both sides had reached an agreement on the transfer fee.

“I am so happy to join Manchester City, the leader of the European league and a club that I have longed for.” Madios Nunes, who will wear the No.27 shirt, joined Wolves from Spetting last year for just 38 million pounds. the Wolves to successfully defend relegation, but a wonderful “turn” for the Wolves won more than ten million pounds.

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