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Manchester United coach odds: Pochettino leads Valverde to second_Carrick

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Original title: Manchester United coaches odds: Pochettino leads Valverde to second

After Solskjaer’s get out of class, “who will become the new coach of Manchester United” has become a hot topic in European football. Currently, Manchester United is temporarily led by Carrick.

Earlier, there were media reports that Pochettino was the number one candidate for Manchester United’s new coach, but at the pre-UEFA Champions League press conference against Manchester City, the Argentine stated that he focused on Paris and would not consider other clubs. According to the latest news from the BBC, the Guardian, ESPN and many other media, Manchester United has contacted the former Barcelona coach Valverde, hoping that he can serve as the interim coach of the Red Devils and lead the team to the end of the season. In the Manchester United new coach odds list, Valverde also rose to second, second only to Pochettino.

Manchester United new coach odds:

1. Pochettino: 2/1

2. Valverde: 3/1

3. Carrick: 5/1

4. Rogers: 11/1

5. Tenhag: 11/1

6. Simeone: 17/1

7. Zidane: 20/1

8. Rangnick: 25/1

9. Blanco: 33/1

10. Enrique: 33/1Return to Sohu to see more


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