Manchester United manager Ferguson’s phone? Don’t play with me, even Park Ji-sung didn’t believe in a love call

[마이데일리 = 이현호 기자] Park Ji-sung recalled his working days and told the reason he joined Manchester United.

On the 28th (Korea time), the American broadcaster NBC had an interview with Park Ji-sung. The title of the interview was ‘Park Ji-Sung Looking Back at Manchester United, Friendship with Patrice Evra’.

After the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, Ji-Sung Park played for PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands before moving to Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) in 2005. This was the moment when the first Korean Premier League was born. Ji-Sung Park, who played for Manchester United for 8 years, retired after QPR and PSV.

‘NBC’ asked Park Ji-sung about his memories of the time he moved to Manchester United. Then Park Ji-sung said, “My agent said, ‘Man United are interested in you’. ‘Why the hell?’ he asked. I thought it was a joke and he laughed it off,” the interview began.

“At the time, PSV manager Guus Hiddink told me, ‘Man Utd manager Alex Ferguson is waiting for your call. Call me now,’ he said. Again, I asked, ‘Why the hell?’ “In the end, after speaking directly to Ferguson, I knew United’s interest was no joke.”

Park Ji-sung also told the story of how he became close to Evra. “When I think back, it was a bit strange,” he said. One day, after training, we both played a video game. I beat Evra. Evra then got angry and asked to join him again. That’s how we started to get close.”

Park Ji-sung said, “Evra is one of my best friends. They have contrasting personalities, but the codes match well. Evra is very outgoing and has a great sense of humour. On the other hand, I’m a very quiet person. Even though we were different, we were always happy when we were together.”

Evra even came to Korea, the other side of the world, to see Ji-Sung Park. Park Ji-sung said, “Evra came to Korea several times to meet me. They usually exchange jokes over the phone. The existence of best friends in other cultures is very valuable. “One of the biggest things I’ve gained in my life at Manchester United is having Evra as a friend.”

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