Manchester United VS Reading 3-1: Casemiro scores the Red Devils in the 5th round of the English FA Cup.

Manchester United vs Reading: 3-1 football result | Casemiro scored just 2 goals and Fred gave Manchester United a 3-1 home win over Reading and progress to Round 5 or Round 16 of the ACA Cup In this game, Reading have 10 players left when Andy Carroll gets a yellow – red card from the field in the 65th minute.

Football FA Cup 2022/23

Manchester United 3-1 Reading

2022/23 FA Cup football match The fourth round on Saturday night, January 28, 2023 “Red Devils” Manchester United open house vs. Read Clubs from the Championship League

Starting the game, Man United immediately went on the attack. In the 8th minute, Christian Eriksen, Red Devils midfielder Free kick spins off the post with a chance to win

In the 14th minute, Manchester United had another chance to win from a free kick, this time Marcus Rashford, who hit the right side. But not through the hand of the outpost, Joe Lumley brushed the ball out, Christian Eriksen repeated the second sword, but the ball blocked the Reading players.

After that, Man United continued to attack continuously. And there are many chances to win, in the 27th minute Anthony takes the ball up before flowing into the middle, allowing Bruno Fernandes to spin with the right. But the ball was out of bounds again.

In the 32nd minute, Anthony dragged the ball from the right and cut it in. Before pushing through the channel, Bruno Fernandes flicked a shot across the water in the penalty area. The ball flew off the post.

In the 35th minute, Manchester United failed to score a goal leading by a second when a Reading defender intercepted the ball without missing a beat. The ball flew high in the penalty area, it came to Wayne Weghorst, headed for Marcus Rashford to hit the second post, but VAR refused to give a goal because Wakehorst was offside first.

In first half stoppage time, Reading almost took the lead when Tyrell Malacia tried to break the ball in the penalty area but it was picked up by Junior Hoilett to shoot, but David de Gea saved the ball which can leave in later Finish the first half with a 0-0 draw.

GOAL!! In the second half, in the 55th minute, the Red Devils team scored a goal when Anthony passed the ball to break the defensive line. Casemiro penetrated into the penalty area Before breaking the ball through the Reading goalkeeper, Manchester United took a 1-0 lead.

GOAL!! In the 58th minute, Manchester United scored the second goal from the moment Fred gave the ball. Casemiro Elaborate with the right from outside the penalty area. The ball slightly deflected the Reading player’s head. Before hitting the corner into the goal, this was Casemiro’s second goal and he helped Man United escape to a 2-0 lead.

65 minutes Reading, 10 players after a meal Andy Carroll The former Liverpool forward slides hard at Casemiro, resulting in a second yellow card. It turned into a yellow-red card, leaving the field.

GOAL!! In the 67th minute, the score moved to 3-0 from the timing of a short corner kick, Bruno Fernandes opened the ball. Fred Jump cross and shoot to the first post into the secondary

GOAL!! 72 min Reading does not give up easily. And got the door to hit the egg, chasing 1-3 from a corner kick that opened high Amadou Mbengu up and down Without an articulated body, the ball goes through David de Gea’s hand.

After that, Man United were still in possession of the ball to attack. But there was no extra goal. At the end of the game, Manchester United won 3-1 against Reading and progressed to the 5th round or the last 16 rounds.

List of real players on the field

United Place: David De Gea (GK), Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Tyrell Malacia, casemiro, Christian Eriksen, Anthony, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, weight wight

Read: Joe Lumley (GK), Andy Yeadom, Thomas Holmes, Tom McIntyre, Junior Hoilett, Baba Rahman, Come see Lum, Jeff Hendrick, Thomas Ince, LouKas Chuao, Andy Carroll

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