Manchester United will win a Premier League title before Liverpool, it requires Gary Neville

Manchester United will win a Premier League title before Liverpool, it requires Gary Neville

Gary Neville believes that Manchester United will be heading off after Alex Ferguson to win the Premier League before Liverpool can stop its drought.

United won the title since Ferguson's last season headed Old Trafford in 2012/13, followed by a season of season under David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho.

Since then, former colleague and prisoner O Neville, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has been entrusted with investing in youth so that he will return to England's top football, after Manchester City and Liverpool declare that the pair They were dominant over the past two seasons, and United made a strong start to the new campaign last weekend with the demolition of Chelsea's 4-0.

But the victory at Old Trafford is clear that Neville is optimistic once again when the former United defender claimed he is hoping to recieve the title to get back before Liverpool, and that the Reds did not fly the fly. best since 1989/90.

“Liverpool, City, Tottenham – all these clubs have had bad recruitment policies for the last 25-30 years, so United are currently going through one,” he said on Sky Sports.

“Finally, the right recruitment system is recruited by the right people. We'll get a great manager – we hope Ole – and you will start to win again. That is to happen, I can guarantee as clearly as Manchester United will win again, they will have no problem again. They won a league – I think they won the series before Liverpool, I don't think they are disrespectful. ”

The claim, sitting next to Liverpool's former defender, Jamie Carragher, said he was not surprised to find a quick response when they beat the Champions League again after the Liverpool victory. in Madrid last June.

But Neville continued with his argument, and he continued to convince Liverpool fans by claiming that it could "absolutely guarantee" that Mohamed Salah leave them the next star next summer.

“They are closer than you think and they're not as bad as you think, that's the way it is always,” he said. “With Liverpool, Salah will have to leave in the next 12 months – I can see it already. He knows (Carragher) – he won't say – but leave Salah, I can guarantee it completely because he will. I can feel it, you can smell it, it is there. ”


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