Manchester United’s troubles in the Premier League do not end with a draw Manchester United vs New Castle United | English Premier League 2021-2022 | EPL

Manchester United draw with Manchester United in the English Premier League. Newcastle United draw with Manchester United. Both teams scored one goal each.

Alan St Maxim scored for Newcastle and Edinson Cavani for United. It was only by luck that United escaped defeat. Goalkeeper David de Gea’s lightning saves helped United.

Newcastle dominated throughout the match but were unable to secure the victory they deserved. Maximin found the back of the net in the eighth minute, shocking United. Maximine put the ball into the net beautifully, deceiving the United defenders.

Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes and Sancho were all lined up but United’s attacks were weak. United scored in the second half. Cavanagh shook the net in the 71st minute. The first attempt failed but Cavanagh shook the net on the second attempt.

De Gea is United’s hero, saving four shots on goal. With this draw, United remain seventh in the points table. Newcastle is ranked 19th. Manchester City tops the list.

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