Mandatory separation of the wall pad network… Home network facility notice revision

In order to strengthen the security of intelligent home networks such as wallpads, where the threat of hacking is increasing, the notice was revised, such as requiring physical or logical network separation.

The Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 31st that they have revised the ‘Intelligent Home Network Facility Installation and Technical Standards’ to prevent security accidents that may occur through home networks and ensure stable network operation.

Based on the results of policy research through the Korea Information and Communication Promotion Association, the government prepared a revised bill for this notice by collecting opinions from security experts, construction companies, and information and communication service providers.

This revised notice will be effective from July 1, next year. Construction companies, etc. that receive approval for housing construction projects after the enforcement of the public notice, must comply with the revised notice when installing home network facilities.

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Revision notice

The revised main contents are ▲Providing home network facility maintenance and management manuals to apartment management entities ▲Separating home network networks by household by physical or logical method ▲Installing home network equipment that meets security requirements such as confidentiality, authentication, and access control ▲Information It is recommended to install devices that have received information protection certification in accordance with the Network Act.

In addition to the revised notice, the Ministry of Science and ICT supplements and distributes the ‘Home/Home Appliance IoT Security Guide’, and holds technical seminars for construction companies, information and communications service providers, supervisors, etc. for the effective implementation of the revised notice. efforts will be pursued.


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