Manhunt is taking place in the Georgia Solicitor after killing his mother

There is a manhunt throughout the country to take charge of a mortgage attorney in his mother's deceased Georgia.

(CNN) – There is a manhunt throughout the country to take charge of a deceased solicitor of his mother's mother.

Richard Merritt was sentenced to imprisonment for 15 years in prison and 15 years after being convicted of stole money from his clients and older abuse. The court was convicted of more than 30 counts of theft, forgery and older exploitation.

It was given to 5 p.m. on February 1st to get his business in order before going into.

Instead, the US Marshal Service says that he monitored his ankle and fled.

The day after Merritt was appointed to surrender, his mother, Shirley Merritt, was found to be killed violently. Her car was missing, and the Merritt vehicle got on the spot, the US Marshal Service stated in a statement.

"Lexus RX350, which is CBV 6004 tag," is the vehicle that reads the Marshal Service statement. "He can shave his head or change his appearance otherwise, and it should be considered armed and dangerous. Do not try to cope with it. If you see Merritt, contact the law enforcement immediately."

Merritt agreed to settle civil laws on behalf of their clients without their knowledge, signing the signatures on settlement checks and the keeping of documents and money intended for their clients, the State District District Solicitor's office stated in a statement.

"The victims came to help him, and he helped instead," said Attorney General Assistant Jason Marbutt. "People should be able to trust their lawyer. When a lawyer fits, he has a satisfactory effect on the whole system."

Merritt also ordered $ 454,706 to be paid back to its clients.

"Some of its victim clients have claimed medical malpractice and they are now more financially injured due to Merritt's crimes and misuse," said Cobb County DA's office. "Some older victims are." Merritt warned the victims, who wanted to believe that he was still making their legal claim. Meanwhile, he was spending unauthorized settlement funds on vacation days and Porsche. "

CNN came out for the lawyer showing Merritt an initial conviction for traffic but he still did not get a reply.


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