Maniyan Pillai Raju scolded those who showed ‘stupidity’ by calling him a bricklayer

Actor Maniyan Pillai Raju said that at one time, he used to scare people who came to his make-up shop saying that he was a bricklayer. Those who come to show ‘Mota’ will roll their tails and leave. Maniyan Pillai Raju said that he was told that those who were threatened would be sent to the brick kiln.

“It’s not a brick kiln now. Name changed. It is now known as Rajaji Nagar. He was educated at the Model School attached to this colony. I have a lot of friends here. The present residence is not far from Rajaji Nagar. So he is a neighbor to the people here, ”said Maniyan Pillai.

Maniyan Pillai visited Sneha’s house in Rajaji Nagar to pay her respects to Sneha Anu, who won the State Film Award for Best Child Actress. The congratulatory function was organized by the Pannyan Raveendran Foundation (PR Foundation). Maniyan Pillai said that a child from Rajaji Nagar is proud to shine in the film industry.



“Sneha can shine more in cinema. The child’s performance was attention-grabbing. Sneha has a photogenic face. Gestures can also be done easily. I wish him more success in cinema, ”said Maniyan Pillai. Pannyan Raveendran told Sneha that he is looking forward to see her progress in cinema along with her studies. This child is the pride of the country. Pannyan said that everyone should grow as a role model and make a mark in the acting industry.

He made Sneha wear a shawl. Gifts were also presented. Sneha Anu is a ninth class student of Cottonhill School, Thiruvananthapuram. She won the award for her performance in ‘Tala’. The award was given for her vivid portrayal of the insecure life and survival efforts of a girl living in a slum in the metropolis.

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