manoj-kumar-about-his-health-condition | The face does not seem to heal so quickly, thanks to those who prayed; Actor Manoj Kumar

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Actor Manoj Kumar says that he is recovering from Bell’s palsy and his face is 90% correct.

‘Ninety percent have been cured. If the remaining ten percent is radiated, my face will look the same as before. There is a lot of change now from the face I first saw. There is only so much minor problem when speaking. It did not seem wrong to remain silent. I don’t think it will get better so soon.

Your prayers are great. From the day my information was known until today my wife and I were in a state of shock at the call center. How many people called. Too many people sent messages. Some called and cried, and I was really shocked to learn that so many people were praying for me. It is a great pleasure to see your love for us. It is because of this that I came to recognize all this. That’s a big deal, and it’s your prayer that keeps us going. No matter how much you say, there is endless gratitude and gratitude.

I was really shocked when I saw Mammootty’s message. I have nothing to do with calling or texting him. We have only acted in one or two films together. He sent me a message saying that Manoj may get well soon after knowing this information. When I sent the message back, he told me not to stress and comforted me. When I went to the meeting of ‘Amma’, I also inquired about my affairs with Beena. A lot of people called me from the film industry .’- Manoj said.

Manoj informed his fans about his illness through a YouTube video. Manoj had initially feared a stroke but was later diagnosed with Bells palsy.



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