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Amethyst is one of the most famous minerals, and since ancient times it has been known as a crystal that has powerful healing properties.

A natural tranquilizer: Amethyst has the power to relieve stress, calm irritability, anger, drive away fear and anxiety, and prevent sudden mood swings.

Increases concentration and sobriety: amethyst stimulates the mind, helps us focus on our tasks, on learning, but when we need it, it has a calming effect.

Helps with insomnia: With amethyst under the pillow, you can count on falling asleep faster and that it will be sound and long, in order to invigorate the body and spirit. Amethyst helps us to better connect with the unconscious, with our dreams.

The most popular way is wearing amethyst jewelry – pendants, rings, bracelets. All those who need calmness in dialogue, whether it is business or political negotiations, can wear amtist to make it easier for them to lead debates, to give them calmness. Amethyst can also help anyone involved in investments to use money more wisely and to make decisions soberly, because this precious stone is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. In addition, darker amethyst stones are used as talismans for creative art – worn by artists, inventors, painters… . You can meditate with amethyst, because it calms the mind and relieves stress, and you can also keep it on the table in the office or at home as a decoration and a symbol of prosperity.

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