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Microsoft will launch a lot of important updates to Windows 10 next year (picture / recap from Apple’s official website)

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, has announced that it will “reinvest” in Windows 10 in 2021. According to the news from the foreign science and technology website “Windows Central”, this will usher in a wave of major updates to Windows 10 in the fall of next year, including appearance changes and important functional improvements.

These projects, including Microsoft will launch a general-purpose Windwos 10 X86 application simulator for the ARM architecture processing platform next year. It will be a major milestone for ARM platform PCs (such as Surface Pro X) and Mac users using Apple Silicon.

The news also said that just as Apple introduced third-party software from its own iOS App Store on the Mac through Apple Silicon, Microsoft is also planning to “port” the Android program to Windows 10, and the first time point is also in 2021.

As for the Windows 10 operating system itself, it will usher in some appearance changes, including some corner details of the window that are more similar to the previous Windows 7. At the same time, it will also officially release the previously announced, foldable Surface or tablet. “Windows 10X”, the overall positioning is similar to Chrome OS, both are lightweight operating systems.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to launch a native “Cloud Windows PC” service, allowing users to install Windows 10 in the cloud, and use Windows 10 on any device through the Internet, and even install apps.

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