‘Many people believe that cancer subdued Innocent; Cancer is not the cause of death’

Innocent left us because of cancer. Instead, it was the covid and related diseases that robbed the great artist. It was the perception of many that cancer had humbled Innocent once again. From Heaven the Innocent will say with a smile: Fear not, my cancer is gone.

Years ago I called the biopsy results Innocent. That day he was acting in the last scene of a movie. The scene was getting dark. The day he got the result, Innocent had doubts that he was going into the dark. But since he came to see him the next day, he has been fighting the cancer very gently.

Someone famous like Innocent who opened up about his illness became an example for the community and a relief for those with mental illness. Facing the conviction that cancer will not go away with an innocent smile gave confidence to many. We have much to learn from Innocent. The first is his positive thinking that laughs at illness.

Innocent has strong resolve. Many movie stars used to give him medical advice. Many of them would give Innocent single herbs, herbs and fruits. However, he was determined to seek only scientific treatments. That’s why he got rid of cancer.

Innocent stayed here despite the fact that many went abroad for treatment. Through that we received a message that there is a therapeutic effect in our country too.

Innocent has been on many tours for cancer awareness. Innocent also took great care to inspire other sufferers by sharing his positive experience of treatment. During chemotherapy, Innocent participated in groups such as the Cochin Cancer Society playgroup and spread awareness throughout the camps.

English Summary: Dr. VP Gangadharan reveals the reason of death of actor Innocent


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