Many people might not have thought that the DxOMark score of Galaxy Z Fold3 is actually higher than that of S21 Ultra.

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In the latest news, DxOMark has now announced the evaluation results of a series of new models. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 camera lens scored 124 points. And this score actually slightly surpassed the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which surpassed its own flagship of the year, which is really surprising.

Prior to this, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra scored between 123 and 121 points (Snapdragon version/Exynos version), and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Exynos version) scored 126 points. Although the camera specifications of Z Fold3 seem to be similar to those of Z Fold 2, better tuning and S888’s image processing capabilities have brought great progress to Z Fold3, but for the moment, 124 points are still slightly different from the front end of the evaluation agency. Be a little behind. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 can present accurate lens performance in photography, the overall target exposure is accurate, the dynamic range is very wide, and the highlights and shadows of the frame show good details. Although the ultra-wide angle has processed traces and lost some Details, but provide a wide field of view, the overall picture quality is good, the lens with two focal lengths performs well at medium magnification zoom, but the high magnification is not as good as S21 Ultra; in some high-contrast scenes, Z Fold3 occasionally There will be silhouettes, insufficient details in indoor and low-light environments, and problems such as dispersion, chromatic aberration, and negative effects on image quality.

In terms of movies, the performance of Z Fold3 is similar to that of S21 Ultra. Z Fold3 can not only support 4K video, but also can maintain 30fps (test data). The stable number of frames makes it show good details in highlights and shadows. The color and focus performance is reliable, but the focus speed will be reduced in low light sources, and noise is prone to appear. In addition, it can also show the effect of anti-shake and high-frequency jitter.

Samsung S21 Ultra Qualcomm version’s DxOMark score. Although Z Fold3 is slightly better than Samsung’s own flagship S21 Ultra by one point, it should be reminded that the results of S21 Ultra are not bad, and even better than Z Fold3 in some places. Although Z Fold3’s focus score is significantly ahead of S21 Ultra, it can be said to be comparable in color, noise and processing traces, and it is slightly higher than Z Fold3 in night shooting and bokeh, and S21 Ultra in zoom score It also leads Z Fold3 by a large margin. It seems that when DxOMark calculates the score, the result of the zoom part may also be the main reason for the high score.

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