Maple Nexon ‘New Age’ story, notice of cataclysm … From theme parks to wedons and web novels

From left, Kim Chang-seop, head of Maple Story Planning Office, Seong Seung-heon, caster, and Kang Won-ki, general director of Maple Story.[사진=넥슨]

[디지털데일리 오병훈 기자] “We are preparing a space where users can feel and experience ‘Maple Story’ in real life. MapleStory has grown with users for 20 years, so this is a project I really want to do.”

On the 10th, at Nexon Maple Story’s 20th anniversary summer exhibition ‘New Age’ held at the Olympic Park Handball Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul, Maple Story General Director Kang Won-ki unveiled the ‘Maple Story Real World Project’, a construction plan theme park. On this day, Director Kang and Maple Story Planning Manager Kim Chang-seop also came on stage to meet the users.

In addition to the MapleStory Real World project, Director Kang held a number of new projects at the event, including ▲ Web-novel production/Novel based on MapleStory Intellectual Property Rights (IP) ▲ 20th anniversary coin production through collaboration with Korean Mint Corporation ▲ performance using game music Supporting business announced. On the other hand, Chief Kim introduced a large-scale update with various contents such as ▲6th job change ▲new field ▲new boss.

◆Build ‘Real World’, an amusement park made with a game theme =According to director Kang Won-ki, the Maple Story Real World project aims to create an amusement park decorated with the Maple Story concept. As a real amusement park, a roller coaster with cute monster pictures from Maple Story will be prepared, and various Maple Story merchandise stores will be built.

In this regard, director Kang said, “We are trying to create a real space where you can feel different elements related to the internal story in the game.” We are preparing a wonderful space for you to enjoy. “

MapleStory 'New Age' Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

MapleStory ‘New Age’ Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

In addition, Nexon also produces webtoons and web novels using Maple Story. In collaboration with Red Ice Studio, who produced ‘Only I Level Up’ and ‘Omniscient Reader’s View’, the exclusive Maple Story web novel and web draw ‘Maple Story: The Last Adventurer’ will be released in the third quarter of this year . The webtoon/webnovel is based on the premise that the hero in Maple Story failed to stop the main villain ‘Black Wizard’, contrary to the original game.

Director Kang said, “It seems that the game will be able to show a different charm with a different setting than the original game. We are also preparing a webpoon based on the web novel,” he said.

The news about the production of medals at the age of 20 was also announced. Nexon collaborates with the Korean Mint Corporation to release a medallion with the motif of ‘Maple Leaf’, which symbolizes Maple Story, and ‘Orange Mushroom’, a monster in the game.

The game concert held last year will be further expanded. The ‘European Jazz Triod’ is presented, which includes songs arranged in jazz from the music of Maple Story. In addition, it is planned to present the performance of the game music orchestra ‘Symphony of Orchestra’ this year as well. It is to be held in several rounds, and the final performance of the orchestra will be presented to more users in the ‘Hall of Peace’ at Kyunghee University.

MapleStory 'New Age' Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

MapleStory ‘New Age’ Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

◆6th ‘surprise reveal’ job change… Also increases level up speedAt the event that day, the news of Maple Story’s 6th job change update was revealed as a surprise. So far, the highest job development in Maple Story has been the 5th job development. As the number of job changes repeat, the user’s character can learn more varied skills and gain ability points.

Director Kim said, “A New Age, a new history and the power to raise the character of the user to the next level, introduces the 6th job promotion.” It can,” he said.

MapleStory 'New Age' Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition

MapleStory ‘New Age’ Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition

MapleStory 'New Age' Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition

MapleStory ‘New Age’ Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition

The 6th job advancement can be done after level 260, and is operated by a ‘Hexa Matrix’ system which includes ‘Hexa Skills’ and ‘Hexa Stats’. ‘Skill Hexa’ consists of ▲Skill Core ▲Mastery Core ▲Improvement Core ▲Common Core that can gain new skills. The development team also expanded the maximum damage limit from 150 billion to 700 billion for the smooth play of the character that will grow through the 6th job promotion.

A plan to improve the level system for quick goal leveling was also revealed. First, the experience required from level 200 to level 260 is halved so that more users can reach the 6th job promotion level. It is reduced by about 40% from level 260 to 265, and by about 20% from level 265 to 270. Here, the content that can gain experience points increases. Existing and new monster parks, extreme monster parks, secret and authentic areas will all increase the amount of daily quest experience provided.

Director Kim emphasized, “This update is expected to create a synergistic effect that helps speed up leveling by reducing the required experience and increasing the content experience,” and emphasized, “Users will experience a different tempo growth rate than from the front.”

MapleStory 'New Age' Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

MapleStory ‘New Age’ Site 20th Anniversary Exhibition[사진=넥슨]

The new areas ‘Arteria’ and ‘Carcion’ were also revealed. In the Arteria area, there is an eternal war between the new villain ‘High Rep’ and the Maple Alliance. In ‘Carcion’, the story of the game continues with the theme that the second ship of the High Lef army invades Carcion and threatens the ancient gods and the natives. In addition, new difficulty levels for the advanced bosses ‘Watcher Carlos’ and ‘Caring’ have been added.

On the other hand, a photo zone was set up outside the venue to take photos against a background of balloon dolls shaped like monsters from the game Maple Story. In addition, the demonstration video was simultaneously broadcast live on YouTube and 14 CGV theaters across the country.

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