Maradona’s cerebral hematoma surgery succeeded AMedia: King of Ball’s condition is better than expected_老马

Original title: Maradona’s successful cerebral hematoma operation, Amedia: King of the Ball’s condition is better than expected

At around 8 am Beijing time this morning, Maradona underwent brain surgery. In yesterday’s examination, Maradona was found to have a hematoma in his brain. Now the latest report from Argentina’s TyC TV station says that Maradona’s brain surgery has been successful. After an hour and a half of surgery, Maradona is no longer in danger.

After Marado was admitted to the hospital, a large number of Argentine fans flooded the streets and around the hospital to pray for the king. The TyC TV station pointed out that Maradona’s operation was very effective, and the condition of the old horse was better than expected. Soon after, Maradona will be able to receive rehabilitation.

Maradona’s surgery has put a big question mark on his coaching career. The contract between Maradona and the La Plata gymnastics team is signed in 2021, and now the old horse needs at least a few months of recovery, which means that the gymnastics team has only two options. The gymnastics team can retain the coaching position of Lao Ma, and at the same time find an acting coach to lead the team training games. The gymnastics team can also let the old horse recover from illness and find a successor for him as soon as possible.Return to Sohu to see more


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