Marblehead addresses the North D1 champion in the division title Sport

Marblehead addresses the North D1 champion in the division title Sport

Marvelhead High lacrosse girls program can make history against Chelmsford in North Division 1 final.

A victory against the Lions Noed (19-4) on Friday (5:30 p.m) at the Chelmsford Memorial High School was the second section title for the Magicians (16-5) under the head coach of Annie Madden. The prospective banner is the first to be captured in the North Circle Division 1, as the Northeast Congress power station moved into the highest order of the MIAA in the last spring.

"It is the best feeling in the world," said senior captain Grace Arthur from his fourth seed squad. "We haven't been able to do it so far from our brand new season when we won the title. Because of being a senior person, it's more special now – the subclasses know how much this means to us. T , and it is motivated for them to work harder.

The elite class Magicians senior citizens who scatter their influence during the rest of the program. Captain Lydia Bongiorno and Arthur combined for 201 points and 14 turnover was forced by captains / defender Amanda Schillinger and 21 drawings were collected. Marblehead also has an amazing 9-0 mark when midfielder Sara Campbell meets two plus points in a competition.

However, backup NEC champions have received raised play from almost all of their subclass stars – this is a major reason for their first divisional conflict since 2016.

Maddie Erskine, a Sophomore attacker, made up to 81 points, with 50-plus and 20-plus goals during the regular season, and there are nine postseason goals placed on the back of the enemy's cage. Sophomore defenders Molly Forbes and Josie Poulin are important partners in a Magician defense unit who contributed up to 9.5 goals / games in the playoffs as well as Elizabeth Driscoll's goalie and his 29 competitions.

"They saw how difficult the senior class has been working during their time here and they are trying to emulate the work ethic that said," Shannon Auxiliary coach Beaton said. "It is a great testament to their desire as it is difficult to do something for this class … but they are doing it and having fun."

The North Division 1 crown will not be easy to come by as the Magicians will have to face a program of equal testing. Chelmsford's main coach, Ashley Rokas, took the command four years ago when the current senior leaders, Erin Green and Kate Petka, became a fresh man in a season that ended brutally.

"We were the ninth seed and lost (to Northern Andover, 17-3) and we knew we had to work in if we wanted to reach the top," Rokas said. "(Green and Petka) who knows how to build it from the bottom up, has a huge impact on the new culture of lacrosse CHS."

Since then, the Leon made a record 59-12 compiled and defends Department 1 North champions after campaign 22 last spring victory.

It is difficult to challenge the current divisional branches on their domestic turf as you can get, but it is still another opportunity for Marblehead to continue his special season.

"As a former player I know there is a little cliche," said Beaton, Pentucket alumnus who went on to score career goals scored by Bates College. "But it's just to go out and have fun. It's a game at the end of the day, and I think it's one of the best ones you can play. They're doing it during the year, so I am confident that they enjoy the moment that comes Friday night around. "


Goals: 291 (13.85 the game)

Goals Against: 195 (9.3 pg)

Offensive Leaders: t Grace Arthur (60 goals, 70 assists, 130 points); Maddie Erskine (57-24-81); Lydia Bongiorno (58-13-71)

Parking Leaders: t Lydia Bongiorno (27 ground balls, 21 take-away shops); Amanda Schillinger (21-14); Grace Arthur (21-11); Josie Poulin (14-13) Colwell (16-11); Brigette Gable (19 GB), Molly Forbes (9 TA)

Drawn leaders: t Lydia Bongiorno (92 winning prizes); Maddie Erskine (53); Grace Arthur (44); Brigette Gable (28)

Implementation of Leaders: t Elizabeth Driscoll (314 screenshot on target, 140 saves, .445%, 16-5)


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