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  • why isn’t he fighting the disease
  • why does he wish Slovakia a “proper Fico”
  • in what creator does he believe
  • with which he was gifted by an unknown AK

in our last interview a year ago, you said that you were “basically looking forward to death”, today the media is flooded with bombastic reports about your miraculous recovery from cancer. What is the reality? Have you been miraculously cured of cancer?

Cancer cannot be cured. I posted a message on social media that didn’t say anything about being cured, but that I had gained time. That doesn’t mean I’m cured, that’s not possible. That is the plague, which is a deadly, incurable disease. But all of us, not only the doctors, but also my settings, managed to reduce the values ​​of the plague to zero. (laughs) So we put the plague to sleep. She is sleeping there now, even the CT showed that no new metastases have occurred, so she is really sleeping.

I don’t really care about my health anymore. I have an agreement with the doctor that if it gets better or worse, she will inform me, otherwise I am not interested. In the meantime, I go about my life, I do my theater, my work with children, in my civic association, I live and the doctor fights for me. When she informed me of the zero values ​​in my body, she told me that I had extended my life by about eight months. So it extended my life by eight months. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a lot. After all, a new life can be born prematurely in eight months.

this perspective gave you hope personally, for others only eight months of life would probably mean despair.

Despair is such a depressing emotion that I don’t have time for it in the short amount of time I have. I enjoy life because it is precious and it seems completely pointless to me to waste it with negative emotions.

But do you know what is special and different from before? That I already realize when I feel good. Sometimes I was fine, but I didn’t realize it. Now I realize that I’m fine, it’s beautiful. I went for a walk around Štrbské Pleso today. I went there, smiling, singing and realizing how beautiful I was. This is really very rare, what I am experiencing now.

before the approaching death, people sometimes want to catch up with everything they missed until then, so that they don’t have to regret their departure from this world. Is it the same for you?

I cleaned up my life before I got sick. You cleaned the table. For example, I filed for personal bankruptcy because I used to run a business and somehow it didn’t go well and it dragged on with me. I ran before, and suddenly when I was forty-nine years old I said to myself that I cannot enter fifty with this burden. I even lost weight before I turned fifty. And this disease came into it, the disease, I like to call it the disease. (Laughter)

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