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Marcelo shows off UEFA Champions League heavyweights visiting Chelsea

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“White King” Real Madrid defender Marcelo is indicating that he will play the second round of the UEFA Champions League semi-final match at Chelsea due to being selected to represent Madrid’s municipal election booth.

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The Election Commission randomly selects the person to serve as a witness. Local elections that will take place on May 4, preceding the competition. The game will take place at Stamford Bridge, London on May 5, in which the Brazilian attacker Marcelo back. Was chosen to do the same duty as well Although the club tried to submit a request from the Election Commission. But El Mundo news reports said he had been denied the request. And may have to watch your friends kick from their lodgings

For his first game, Chelsea went 1-1 in a draw with Real Madrid, with Marcelo being given Spanish nationality in 2011, being selected to do so. Which will receive an allowance of 65 euros, but can apply for an exemption if there is a reasonable cause, however, Levante goalkeeper Eitor Fernandez. Had been chosen to do the above job In the 2019 election in Mondragon, but made an exception Since the election will take place on the same day as the game against Athletic Bilbao.

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