Marcus Morris on the Celtics: & It was not fun for a long time & # 39;

The Celtics allow a 18-point lead to a loss to the Lakers Thursday, then it gave the Clippers an opportunity to destroy a 28-point deficit to the 123-112 victory in Boston on Saturday.

After the second defeat just frustrating, Celtics asked Marcus Morris out of his colleagues out of their attitude, contrasting them really down with the possibility he sees across the series.

"About me, it's not really because of the loss, it's because of the attitude we are playing with," Morris told reporters in the playroom. "There's guys hanging their heads. It's not fun. We're not competing at a high level. Although we get it, it's not fun. I do not see joy in the game.

"I watch these other teams across the series and the men are on the bench – they are jumping at the court, they are enjoying the success of colleagues. They enjoy everything , they are playing together, and they are playing to win. And when I look, I see many people. "

Morris asked what was going to be changed, he said that the team must start the simple goal.

"The goal must win Bottom line," Morris said. "We need to win play. That's seriously sued, sacrifice is to become a better team, that is to sacrifice it. We need to put it on the side. No one is trading; The trading deadline is over.

"We are competing for a championship and so we have to tackle these games. Win, lose, or drag. We're going to lose games, but we have no idea, there is no problem, we do not have fun It will be a long season. "

Morris was starting against Los Angeles and finished with 15 points and six rebates. Expecting, he offered his willingness to come out of the tribunal if committee Brad Stevens decides that the team has to change.

"We want to be a championship team, a man, this change has to be changed," Morris said. "We want to win, that is the first goal. Whatever it takes, I'm with it. If they're trying to take it out of the front, get a drink in it, I'm with it. I want to win. "

So, is the belief that Celtics' attitude could change?

"Yes, I mean, I really do. I think it can," said Morris. "But you have to start somewhere."


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