Marijuana Recreation Affairs in Lansing

Marijuana Recreation Affairs in Lansing


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Attracts employees at Green Peak Innovations in Windsor Township, near Lansing, marijuana plants to dry. Green Peak specializes in the growth, testing and processing of marijuana for various products sold by commercial firms. (Photo: State Journal file photo) t

DRAWING – The only thing crazy about marijuana in Michigan is smoke.

Cross-section of local regulations, Michigan law and state rules can be upset.

Official Journalists Lansing put many questions about marijuana businesses in Lansing. Here are some answers to your FAQ about what is legal and what isn't.

When will I be able to buy marijuana in Lansing without a medical card?

That's not obvious. It will take a while before you see leisure pot shops in the capital.

To operate legally in Lansing, licenses will be required from recreational marijuana businesses from both the city and the state.

If you are willing to look anywhere in the state of Michigan, you should be able to buy marijuana recreation by the end of this month. Michigan regulators expect state licenses to be issued to around a dozen recreational undertakings, including marijuana retailers, by 1 December.

Lansing is a different story. Lansing City Clerk, Chris Swope, has not yet announced when his office will begin to accept applications from retailers and small businesses wishing to sell recreational marijuana.

The process could be faster for other types of businesses, not ceiling them under the direction of Lansing marijuana. A Lansing application window opens Monday for marijuana processors, carriers and safety compliance facilities. The Swope refused to predict when the first licenses will issue from this round of applications.

Are there other towns in the Lansing area that allow recreational activities?

The vast majority of towns in Ingham counties, Eaton and Clinton banned marijuana recreational businesses.

The exception of East Lansing, which opened its doors to certain recreational centers, is not clear when the first pot shops might be there and running there.

East Lansing prevented small businesses and social clubs from marijuana, although officials could later raise these restrictions.

Micro businesses are places that are authorized to grow up to 150 plants and then process and sell this product on site and social clubs are businesses where adults can come together to eat marijuana.

The city's ordinance does not limit the number of other types of recreational marijuana firms, such as growers and retailers, but will limit zoning restrictions in East Lansing.

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Room of flowering marijuana plants seen at Green Peak Innovations in Windsor Township, Tuesday, November 5, 2019. (Photo: Matthew Dae Smith / Lansing State Journal)

Isn't legal marijuana law already in Michigan?

Can. Legal voters used marijuana in 2018. This means that people aged 21 and over can eat, grow and have limited amounts of marijuana. It is also legal to give marijuana as a gift in Michigan

But you can not sell marijuana recreation without special permits.

How many firms will be allowed in Lansing?

Lansing is already Few of marijuana medical firms, including growers and dispensers, have a lot of them operating in the city. Michigan voters refused medical marijuana for the first time in 2008.

Since then, amendments put forward by Lansing City Council in September have also created the framework for recreational marijuana businesses in the city.

A revised Lansing direction will allow for 28 recreational retailers, which sell marijuana. One site may be allowed to function as a medical marijuana dispensary and as a recreational retailer. Lansing will also allow up to 55 marijuana curators and four marijuana social clubs and four micro businesses.

Lansing ordnance does not limit the number of other marijuana firms, including processors, carriers and testing facilities.

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Workers at Green Peak Innovations attract drying marijuana plants, Wednesday, February 13, 2019. Currently Green Peak employs 80 people, and about 200 are expected to be employed by the end of the year. (Photo: Matthew Dae Smith / Lansing State Journal)

What is the difference between medical marijuana and recreation?

Quality and recreational marijuana content against the healing is the same in Michigan.

The difference is how the products are taxed, and how they can be marketed and packaged.

How does Lansing decide who gets a license?

The Lansing ordinance empowers the city clerk to create a scoring system for applicants based on criteria set out by the City Council.

Factors that score impact include the applicant's tax record, business plan and the number of jobs expected.

There is no advantage in local scoring for Lansing residents. A majority of the City Council voted a “social equity” proposal in September which would favor a number of licenses for Lansing residents, those who had previous marijuana convictions and patients and registered medical care patients.

How much money will local governments receive from recreational marketing?

The state is charging 10% excise tax on recreational marijuana sales, and cities that allow recreational businesses to get some of this income, with more money going to cities with a higher number of businesses.

Lansing did not consider how much this excise tax will bring into the city, said Interim Finance Director Shelbi Frayer. This money is likely to go to the general Lansing fund to be spent at the discretion of the City Council.

By head analysis from the Senate Fiscal Agency, it is estimated that $ 5.9 million will be split from excise tax among pot-friendly cities during the fiscal year of Michigan Michigan.

Lansing collects annual fees of $ 5,000 from all marijuana business applicants, but officials say that only revenue covers licensing and enforcement costs. Legally, Lansing cannot make a profit from his marijuana fees.

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Stephen Joseph, owner of Lansterdam marijuana dispensary, was a huge success in 2017 serving customers. City and state officials have since made some changes to the licensing structure for these types of business. (Photo: State Journal file photo) t

Now is it legal I can be fired off marijuana to use outside your working hours?

Can. While marijuana is legal in Michigan, employers have discretion over their own drug policies. You may refuse employment or fire if workplace drug testing returns positively to tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC. This applies even if your state has issued a medical marijuana card.

What is too high to drive?

It's complicated, and it may depend on where you are taken.

The threshold for drunk driving consists of a blood alcohol content of 0.08, but a new law of Michigan marijuana recreation does not set down blood level to find out what is a barrier to marijuana.

Some prosecutors say that evidence of poor driving, such as weaving across lanes, is required to drive driving while they are drunk. Others say, under Michigan's zero-tolerance law, that any amount of THC obtained in there is enough to prosecute.

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