Mario reveals that he is not in a hurry to compose Janji, admires his fans’ good dancing skills Sexy got through look fashion

Young hero Mario Maurer reveals that he is not in a hurry to marry Janji Janjira, the family is not pressured. Watch your girlfriend dance well and be sexy. look fashion

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On December 1, 2021, the young protagonist Mario Maurer attend the launch of the project “Live to Smile” at Mahitalathibet Building National Institute of Child Health (Children’s Hospital) before the event started, the young actor gave an interview to update the love story with the actress. Janji Janjira Chanpitakchai along with the show

How is love? “Good, no surprise news. We haven’t seen each other very often lately.”

Now he’s a Tik Tok star, have you been in the comments? “There are some comments, go in, press the like button. I rarely tease him.”

Does he dance beautifully? “Okay (sexy) ok, let’s go. I don’t feel too sexy. I look at it as fashion.”

Many people hope that our partner will have good news or not? “Right now I haven’t thought about it. As for marriage, I see it as a part of life that has to be lived. But it’s not right now. Not yet planning when Well, we haven’t talked about this at all.”

Do we have a rush at home? “No one rushes. no one pressured I’m not rushing (laughs). Our partner keeps going. Well, this hasn’t been planned yet. And rarely anyone asks about it.”

Have you come back to filming dramas lately? “Yes, right now filming a drama, she has just returned to full shooting. We rushed to shoot together. By the end of the year, the camera should be closed. But because the filming stopped for a long time, the character had to be revived. But fortunately, we have taken a lot of photos. So it’s not difficult to tune in.”

Will the love scene be reduced? With covids, can’t be very close to each other? “We can check. That is, before playing, we will check each other already. quite safe And in the shooting room will not allow people to go into a crowd. This story is quite dramatic. For Oh, it’s the heaviest, cries a lot, and it’s also playing with Yaya (Yaya Urassaya) for the first time.”

I heard that there is a story about Dr. Luang? “Probably next year we will be able to fight together. And then there is another movie about Mom Noi.”

With the story of the royal doctor meeting Kimberly again? “I’m excited. let’s meet again I think it’s definitely fun. But it’s not part 2 of Thong-ek, Morya, Tha Chalong, it’s a different story. please follow Well, the story is a similar period as before, but it will tell a different story.”

and the movie of Mom Noi Heard that there are many actors? “Yes, and I haven’t worked with a teacher for many years. It’s another year to come back to work with teachers. In the story I’m playing a movie director. It’s actually a script that’s been going on for hundreds of years, and to do it again, it’s a lot of pressure because we want to do it well. When working with Ajarn Mom, I have to practice quite a lot. So we are quite in love with the chapter. Takes quite quickly. The shooting is now complete. It’s in the editing phase.”


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