Home Sports ‘Mario’ warns players ‘Kilen swagger’ not to underestimate ‘Swat Kat’ if you want to win.

‘Mario’ warns players ‘Kilen swagger’ not to underestimate ‘Swat Kat’ if you want to win.

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‘Mario’ warns players ‘Kilen swagger’ not to underestimate ‘Swat Kat’ if you want to win.

Readiness before the Revo Thai League football match, match 15, match between “Kilin swagger” Muangthong United, the 7th team will open the Thunder Dome field against “Swat Cat” Nakhon Ratchasima, Mazda FC, the 8th team on Saturday. 27 November 2021 time 18.00 by Muang Thong stumbled in the latest league game after losing to True Bangkok United while Korat has not won 3 games in a row.

Mario Yurovsky, Muangthong United manager, revealed before the game that meeting with korat We cannot underestimate him. They did very well at the start. Many people condemn Nakhon Ratchasima must escape relegation. But now they show that How dangerous it is, therefore, in this game we have to play smart, do a good job so that we can win 3 points from Korat.

“Overview of the first leg of Muang Thong I’m so proud Especially when I saw my teammates like Phicha Utra and Weerathep Pomphan have been in the Thai national team. show that we are doing well I am happy with them. have to give them credit And being named in the national team will be good for him and the team.”

Coach Guilin arrogantly said that in the part of the team as seen. Our advantages are obvious. Playing football was beautiful and interesting, but unfortunately we lacked the quality of finishing. Otherwise, many games may result in better results. As for the defensive game, we are stronger than last year. We reduce personal mistakes, improve many things. But we have to do better. everyone is responsible to help the team to be strong

“Second Leg of Muang Thong We may have to change something for sure. We will have to push up the rising star that deserves Dagas again. As for foreign players, we try to look for them to fill. Of course, we want to stand at the head of the table. Not just planning for the top 4 or the top 5, I always have that goal. want to lead the team to success Play every game with the goal of winning. and fight without giving up.”

Coach Mario said that the long-term goals Now has a contract with the team for 3 years, but still needs a lot from the players. but never put pressure on them. Because I believe in the club always that we will be back as a team that will fully win the championship We don’t give up easily. This year may seem too early. but will try

“I can guarantee that We will return to the golden city that everyone knows again. We are building a team to step up to fight with the big teams to win the championship. This is what Muang Thong deserves. Many people began to grow Now let’s wait and see. But I always believed we could do it,” the Macedonian coach concluded.

For the Revo Thai League 2021/22 Week 15 competition program as follows:

Saturday 27 November 2021
At 18.00 Nong Bua Pitchaya FC meets Port Authority FC at Pitchaya Stadium, broadcast live on CH5 HD1 and AIS Play.
At 18.00, Muang Thong United meets Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC at Thunder Dome Stadium, broadcast live on GMM25 and AIS Play.
At 18.30, Police Tero FC meets Chiang Mai United at Bunyachinda Stadium, broadcast live via AIS Play.
At 19.00, Khon Kaen United meets Samut Prakan City at the Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium, broadcast live via AIS Play.

Sunday 28 November 2021
At 6:00 p.m. PT Prachuap FC meets BG Pathum United at the Three Bays Stadium, broadcast live on CH5 HD1 and AIS Play.
At 18.00, Chonburi FC meets Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC at Chonburi Stadium, broadcast live on GMM25 and AIS Play.
At 18.30 Suphan Buri FC meets True Bangkok United at the Central Stadium of Suphan Buri, broadcast live on PPTV HD36 and AIS Play.
Time 19.00 Leo Chiang Rai United meets Buriram United at Leo Chiang Rai Stadium, broadcast live via AIS Play.

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