Market cap growth of major companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Ensol for January

The number of stocks whose market cap increased in January was 2196, accounting for 85.6%.

Thanks to the increase in stock prices at the start of the year, the market capitalization of the domestic stock market increased significantly during January.

On the 2nd, the Korea CXO Research Center, which specializes in corporate analysis, analyzed the current status of market cap changes in January this year for 2,564 stocks excluding preferred stocks among all listed stocks in the domestic stock market. The market capitalization of the stocks under investigation increased by more than 189 trillion won from 2016 trillion won at the beginning of the year to 2205 trillion won at the end of January. There were 2,196 stocks whose market capitalization increased, accounting for 85.6%.

The market capitalization of Samsung Electronics, the ‘great leader’, increased by almost 33 trillion won from 331.3229 trillion won at the beginning of this year to 364.1567 trillion won at the end of January. Samsung Electronics’ share price jumped from 55,500 won on January 2nd to 61,000 won on January 31st, reflecting expectations of semiconductor production cuts, recovering ‘60,000 electrons’.

LG Energy Solutions also increased its market cap by more than 17 trillion won from 104.364 trillion won to 121.914 trillion won during the same period. SK Hynix (KRW 9.3185 trillion ↑), LG Chem (KRW 6.71 trillion ↑), Samsung SDI (KRW 5.7075 trillion ↑), Kakao (KRW 3.8759 trillion ↑), Naver (KRW 3.7731 trillion ↑ ↑), Samsung SDI (KRW 5.7075 trillion ↑), Kakao (KRW 3.8759 trillion ↑), Naver (KRW 3.7731 trillion market also) The stock market increased by trillions over a period of one month.

As the stock price rises, more stocks have joined the ‘1 trillion won club’ in market capitalization. 17 increased from 229 at the beginning of January to 246 at the end of January. Among the new members of the 1 trillion won club, Rainbow Robotics is the stock with the highest growth rate of market caps. In one month, the market capitalization increased by 171.3% from 547.1 billion won to 1.48 trillion won.

The stock price of Rainbow Robotics, a robot platform company, rose vertically as it attracted attention by acquiring a stake worth 59 billion won by Samsung Electronics. However, due to the fall in the stock market last year, the market capitalization fell significantly compared to the beginning of last year. The combined market cap of the top 10 stocks recently dropped more than 278 trillion won in just one year.

“It is positive that market capitalization maintains a general upward trend in the domestic stock market at the beginning of this year, but there is still a long way to go to recover to the level at the beginning of last year,” said Yoo Seon , head of Korea CXO Research Center.

Reporter Seo Jae-chang of Helloty |

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