Market capital increased by 10 thousand crores

Last week, the share price of the companies that participated in the country’s stock market increased, decreased almost twice. However, last week saw a big rise in market capitalization. Within a week, the market capitalization of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the main stock market, has increased to over Tk 10,000 crore.

The market capitalization of DSE stood at Tk 7 lakh 67 thousand 26 crore at the end of last week’s trading. Which was 7 lakh 56 thousand 841 crore on the last working day of the previous week. That is, the market capitalization of DSE increased by Tk 10 thousand 185 crore last week.

Meanwhile, shares and units of 63 companies participating in trading on the DSE during the week entered the list of gainers. On the contrary, the price of 119 has decreased. And the price of 205 remains unchanged.

However, DSE’s main index DSEX rose by 30.81 points or 0.49 percent. The index increased by 50.39 points or 0.81 percent in the previous week. The DSE-30 index, which is made up of selected good companies, rose 22.09 points, or one percent, last week. The index rose by 9.56 points or 0.43 percent in the previous week.

Along with the main index and the DSE-30 index, the DSE Shariah index, which consists of companies operating on the basis of Islamic Shariah, rose last week. Last week this index increased by 6.81 points or 0.50 percent. The index rose 10.15 points or 0.75 percent in the previous week.

While all the indices rose, the volume of transactions on the DSE fell. An average of Tk 610.3 lakh was transacted on DSE every working day last week. In the previous week, the average daily transaction was Tk 770 crore 10 lakh. That is, the average transaction per working day has decreased by 160 crore 7 lakh taka or 20.78 percent.

And during the last week, the total transaction in DSE was 3 thousand 50 crores 19 lakhs. 3 thousand 850 crores 52 lakhs were traded in the previous week. Accordingly, the total transaction decreased by 800 crore 33 lakh taka or 20.78 percent.

Genex Infosys was the most traded stock in rupee terms on DSE last week. During the week, the company’s shares were traded at 220 crore 20 lakh 91 thousand taka, which is 7.22 percent of the total transaction. The shares of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, which is in the second place, were traded at Tk 129 crore 66 lakh 60 thousand. 118 crore 29 lakh 18 thousand taka is the third position of Amara network.

Apart from this, the list of top ten companies in transactions includes – Bashundhara Paper, Sea Pearl Beach Resort, Eastern Housing, Meghna Life Insurance, Gemini Sea Food, Unique Hotel and Orion Pharma.


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