Market capitalization to GDP ratio 110.8%… 0.5%P ↑ – 30 days

According to the securities industry on the 30th, the ratio of market capitalization to GDP based on the closing price rose 0.5% to 110.8%. On this day, the KOSPI index rose 0.38% from the previous day to 2453.16, and the KOSDAQ index rose 0.77% to 850.48, respectively. Warren Buffett believes that a GDP ratio between 60 and 80% is undervalued, and when it is over 120%, the stock market is overheating. Over the past five years, the highest percentage of GDP was 139% and the lowest was 59%.

If the KOSPI index falls below 2657, the GDP ratio enters below 120%. If the KOSPI index falls below 2214, it is 100%, and if the KOSPI index falls below 1771, it is less than 80%.


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