Market on the Main Coming together - | Rugby, Pierce news, sport and information in North and North Dakota

Market on the Main Coming together - | Rugby, Pierce news, sport and information in North and North Dakota

A new business offering handmade décor and gifts, baked goods and natural health products is due to open on Monday on the Main Rugby Avenue.

Jessica Brossart, a businessman, called Market on Main, said to the Tribune, "I am very pleased with how everything is coming together.

Walking through the business space at S. Main Avenue 209, Brossart gave attention to areas dedicated to retail shop, conference tables and a separate room for alternative health services.

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Jessica Brossart shows part of the merchandise in Market on Main Street.

"So these walls came down," she said, referring to an area at the beginning of the store, "and because of that, we put in a new carpet. We wanted to reform it."

A shelf sits on the front wall under a front window to hold displays.

"We want, 'Let's have a small exhibition that will truly function,' so I love how it came out," Brossart said.

"And then, we continued with the other window (the next window next to the door), and also the check area, to introduce coherence in that regard."

Brossart said that she had decided to preserve some elements, for example inspired messages being painted on walls by old residents of buildings.

"We kept some of the old, and we're introducing some of the new."

Brossart described how Market started on Main Street.

"Actually, this is how this began my alternative health business, the Midwest Natural Health Center, when CBD (cannabiosa) came out of legal hemp, I started doing that, and an enlarged type, and wanted a place where I could people come in and out and get it. "

She continued, "I thought, 'Well, I definitely need retail space for CBD oils and salves, and all those cool things, and I thought,' What else is I can bring that Rugby 'So there are some wonderful gifts stores at home, but some are closed. That's where we see need, and I also look to bring baked goods in a day or two a week, and also I will carry different product lines of things made at home and made in commercial kitchens, as well as handmade items and gift items, and art. "

Brossart said that most of the goods come from consignors, and its hundred roof lines come from a very close source family.

"I started with my niece and nephew, who have Timberwillow Designs from Bottineau, and they do a lot of business here in Rugby. They love the lines they'll be introducing."

With a focus on wall art, she said, "The art and the products made at home are made off the bar."

Walking to a table, she picked up carved and polished wooden bowls as ready as clay pottery.

"These bowls are made from my aunt, originally from Towner and now living in Montana. These are made by my aunt Earlene." Examining one piece, she noticed, "There are five types of wood."

"And they're all unique. She gave me a gift when I came to visit, and my mother asked me out and asked me, 'Are you asking me one of these?" Earlene bowls bring you? 'And I said,' awesome! We'll see how the community likes them! '

Brossart said she traveled to various events like Devils Lake Devils Run to find ideas and consignors for the store.

Char's Kitchen is one product line that will be in the store, a collection of jams, gels and syrups made in South Dakota where flavors are popular with people living on the Northern Plains. Ingredients for the products include rhubarb, strawberries, apples, blueberries and oak.

Brossart said she was talking to local bakers to pick up baked goods to carry the shop.

Another product line, the shop, uses Kannaway, CBD as its main ingredient in its natural supplements.

Brossart said that CBD oil operates on a physical network in the human body called the endocannabinoid system.

"Kannaway was in the CBD business before it was cool to be in the CBD business," Brossart said. "And they did a lot to help the lawful, and I and some other important people here in North Dakota helped to ensure that hemp and CBD were happening concurrently with legal (medicinal cannabis) here in North Dakota. We also have new coffee and tea and my favorite thing is gum

"Kannaway products are made from hemp, rather than marijuana, which is high in CBD, and low in THC," Brossart said.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a component of marijuana that is present in hemp in very low amounts, according to different publications that describe the plants.

"It is less than 0.3%," said Brossart about the low size. "So you get healthy, not high," says Brossart. "They call a hemp 'Disappointment of the leprosy."

"We also have a line for pets, as pets also have an endocannabinoid system," says Brossart.

Brossart suggested discussing the use of CBD with doctors or healthcare providers to find out more about any effects that might be associated with the products.

"And we have the first luxury skin care system on the market with CBD there."

Brossart said that areas have been set aside by their business for conferences, and alternative health services through a system called "Body Talk."

Brossart said it is a pre-certified Body Talk practitioner.

Market on Main will be open Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. By 5 pm, and Saturday 10 a.m.

Brossart invited people looking for information to call 776-7799 and to visit the Main Rugby Market on Facebook.


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