Marriage Don Spike reveals behind-the-scenes work of his ‘family register mate’ younger sister

Don Spike’s siblings appear on ‘Household Mate’.

In the 20th episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Household Mate’ (planned by Choi Yun-jeong, directed by Lee Kyung-won, and Jeong Gyu-woon), which will be aired on the 31st, the real daily life of Don Spike and his sister, a family and business partner, is depicted.

Photo = MBC ‘family register mate’

Don Spike’s sister inherited the DNA of her brother, a genius composer, and had a history of working as a lyricist.

From three years ago, he has been running a restaurant established by Don Spike, the owner of an extraordinary love for meat. He reveals, “He is a lyricist for his aptitude, but he is currently running a barbecue restaurant established by his older brother.”

Even though Don Spike is about to get married, he pushes only the launch of a new menu, embarrassing his younger brother. As a result, her sister recalls when she opened her shop three years ago and sets out to convince her to spike her money.

Photo = MBC 'family register mate'
Photo = MBC ‘family register mate’

On this day, Don Spike’s sister once again complained of the hardships and difficulties she had experienced in the beginning of the store’s opening. To her brother’s words, “You have to do something you don’t do to succeed,” her brother replies, “Do it in moderation,” making her laugh. What is the story behind the partnership between Don Spike and her sister, and the new menu that Don Spike is pushing?

You can see the real day between Don Spike and the younger sister in the Sang-geuk Siblings at 9 PM on Tuesday, May 31st at MBC’s ‘Household Mate’.

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