‘Marriage Hell’ woman “Husband addicted to gambling games… Foreclosure ticket → Debtors coming”

The story of the ‘holic couple’ who are considering divorce because of their husband’s habits has been revealed.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

In the MBC Report ‘Oh Eun-young – Marriage Hell’, broadcast on the 22nd, ‘The Unbearable Temptation of ** – The Holic Couple’ visited the studio.

The woman, who sent a story to ‘Marriage Hell’ a year ago, postponed the broadcast at her husband’s request to trust her once more.

“Everything was a lie from the beginning. When I said, “It seems as if I had married in a fraudulent way,” the husband makes an excuse, saying, “I didn’t understand the importance of family because of my habits.” To this, the woman said, “I don’t think it will change. Even if I am born in the next life, I don’t think I will believe my husband’s words.”

A video of the couple’s observation was released. The husband, who said his wife had changed the house password and was living in the office, said he had been running a delivery agency for three years, and the wife confirmed the husband’s whereabouts on her mobile phone. I checked the location and route record and encouraged my husband to work when he wasn’t working. My debt is 30 million won. I decided to pay 100,000 won every day,” he said, revealing the IOU.

Husbands were indebted to others as well as to their wives. The amount of debt owed by her husband is 7 to 8 million won, and as much as 10 million won. The reason her husband went into debt was gambling. Everyone could not hide their surprise at the man who could not stop playing the gambling game while acting as a delivery agent. Turns out it was a lie. The owner of the other side asked for 10 million won, so I contacted her to tell her that she was pregnant and asked for mercy, but the owner of the car knew her husband. I was 8 weeks pregnant, but had stress bleeding and a miscarriage. Also, the mother-in-law makes her son gamble. He gave me a bank book and told me to call him.”

The woman continued, “There was a foreclosure notice attached to our house. Debtors came to the front of the house, and some said they even came to the school where their first son attends.”

Viewers who watched the broadcast said, “I can’t fix gambling”, “I do it while working”, “Do I have to gamble while lying about hit-and-runs?” and so on.

Meanwhile, ‘national mentor’ Dr. Oh Eun-young, this time he answers a couple! MBC’s ‘Oh Eun-young Report – Marriage Hell’ is a real talk-of-the-mind program where couples observe the daily lives of couples who have gone worse than others and appear in the studio to share their concerns about marital conflict, aired every year. Monday at 10:30pm.

iMBC Baek Ah-young | MBC screen capture

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