Married At the first scene scene, program 24: Tight dinner party and secret kiss

Who-ooo-ah, he is married at first sight! I am a little delightful!

Most of our couples had a big fight recently and now they are all going to a dinner party where they have to be happy that they are eating chicken.

So most of the dinner parties is basically it.


Of all our couples (and it's a real race at the bottom, I'll tell you), Jess and Mick are on the tidiest ground. Jess enjoyed half the male guests at the last dinner party and Mick put Jess's whole family on.

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As we all know, after a fight you are very exhausted. This was exhausted:




Shots of Jessika are asleep sleeping while Mick is lying like a devil horror movie. When she hears Mick's voice she puts her face in her pillow as, "Oh, not loads it."

When she gets out of bed, Mick is sitting on the couch with her wedding ring. She doesn't look at him. He does not say anything. Keep the most disturbing silence in history, broken up by…




Jess leaves. We don't see her holiday, but she gets off. She left or she is working on her majestic skills.

Nothing shall be resolved.


Speedy aim:

Cam and Jules: Jules Cam gets her steamer. Yay Jules! Cam steam determines Jules. Jules doesn't love it. OUR MATERIALS ARE ON THE ROCKS?

Sparkles on his eyelids but not in his eyes.


Sparkles on his eyelids but not in his eyes.

Ning and Mark: Ning and Mark are still together, but they have to have two colleagues chemistry to make a small talk in the kitchen and lunch up.

Martha and Michael: They are organizing a feast together. Cute!

Heidi and Mike: Mike is worried that Heidi is interested in the whole thing that I might try to fall in love with you.

Cyrell and Nic: Nic appears to be confident that he and Cyrell will fly through the dinner party. If you had money getting so far, you're a brave person.

Susie and Billy: Susie orders Billy around. She seems very positive, then Billy goes, "Remember the fights we had!" I see you Billy. You are making an escape plan. Burn all down.

They have a fight. It's like breathing them

Jessika and Mick: It's not clear how much time has gone, but Jessika changed from pajamas and she's ready for the party and Mick is still sitting on the couch staring at the ring.

Jessika apologizes, does not get one, and decides to take separate cables to dinner.

Jessika's flags are back on Dan-watch. Will she be the new Dav-Ines? Will Dan make the new / new Sam?


As each couple arrives, they fill everyone in to the way their homes went. Tamara realizes that she was expecting Jessika at the last dinner party.

"Tonight I could only expect that he only has eyes for me," she says hopefully.

Yikes, Tam. I saw the promo for tonight's program and I don't think it's so to play.

Tam, who was expecting Jess and Mick more than ever this week, would be disappointed to see the country come to the same warehouse. Jessika scene is not.

Mick is wearing double thongs / flops flops / pluggers (or @ me) at the party, and I am concerned about the number of crimes committed with this choice of footwear this season.

Everyone, including experts, is thirsty for tea.

"Have you left her at the farm?" she asks Heidi. "I wish," says Mick and everyone gasps! Dan has been listening very hard since long.

As Mick tells their story of their jealousy, Martha is unhappy with the fact that the story is being told from one side. Two of the brides ask him if he is sorry, and he says that he apologized for the language but that he did not accept the sentiment.

Jess comes – and she heard everything standing on the other side of the door. She was crazy.


As everyone decides to dinner, Mick tells Jules and Cam that he is expecting last night. Jess could not give less attention.

"Tonight, I know what I want," she says. And it's not a salad.

We spend time briefly with Heidi and Mike and they are in trouble. Heidi looks basically dead in the eyes and Mike tries to save their marriage.

OMG Dan with me too!


OMG Dan with me too!

Ning and Mark are play therapists, which is very nice for himself. They heard the story I could love you; and you are trying to help.

"After you see where he lives, would you see yourself on the Goldie?" Mark asks.

On the other side of the table, Jess starts wearing the best way in the world.

"Usually I don't know how to get in touch with people," says Jess, approaching Dan.

Dan announces her sitting beside him because he has eyes.

DAN: How is it going, okay?
JESS: It's pretty terrible.
DAN: [not hugely quick on the uptake] How does it all you and Mick?
JESS: No, it's not going well.

Jess tells Dan that the relationship cannot be saved and Dan can keep the smile on his face. He tells Jess that he can't afford his passion; or 'spark & ​​# 39'; find a Tamara and it's a big man 'kinda goosebumps.'

Like we didn't see this coming.


Like we didn't see this coming.

Jess and Dan meet slowly, not just saying that they feel they have good old-fashioned corruption but that they may also be.

Trisha dramatically called them “deep and meaningful” in spite of the fact that Jess made the line well; hear when she heard that a four-year-old child was old. There is no conversation with that 's deep and meaningful. Maybe we call it shallow and without sense; him! B&M may not be okay.

The conversation between Dan and Jess continues on what he feels day.

The experts are surprised that they are finally getting to know Jess after she has opened up to Dan. I hate being critical of my faves but did they know that they had nothing about Jess before they were coming to Mick?

Meanwhile, John is compatible with; (John's words, great) Dan to come to her to another room in the house, away from prying eyes.

She leaves a glass of wine and meets her. He thinks there is eternity and then decides to go into it. No-one seems to announce it but it's hard to believe.

The unusual simmer continues outside.

Dan asks Jess if she has ever done this with anyone else. She tells him that she is not there, which is a big lie. What is Nic you, chopped liver? It was LAST WEEK, JESS.

I believe Dan is going with his stomach. I believe it very much.

They are raining so that they stand under some cover. Then …

Kiss! Scandal!

Our group of crack detectors at dinner suddenly notice that Jess and Dan are missing.

The dilemma now is that both of them must stay; write at the dedication ceremony and keep his ex-poor partners on the hook to keep their flirting going.

After going back to dinner, Dan tells Tamara that he has lost her. Jess talks to Billy and I'm just happy for Billy that he's talking to someone who isn't Susie.

Next time: The commitment ceremony! Will Jess and Dan stay or do it for them to write a holiday and throw them out on the outside! Probably not.

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