“Marry me, Jimin”… A Brazilian model shouted out at a BTS concert – Reporter Kim Hyun-seo

Gizele Oliveira, known as a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ model, proposed to BTS Jimin.

On the 30th (Korean time), Gisele Oliveira uploaded a video on her Instagram along with the caption, “I got a sore throat because of the BTS concert.”

On this day, Gisele enjoyed a BTS concert with Bruna Lirio, known as a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ model.

Gizele Oliveira’s Instagram

In particular, Giselle exclaimed, “Marry me, Jimin” to Jimin, exposing a special fan spirit. As if enjoying the concert to the fullest, his hoarse voice attracts attention.

Earlier, BTS resumed face-to-face performances for the first time in two years at Sofai Stadium in Los Angeles, USA on the 27th and 28th.

Gizele Oliveira’s Instagram

According to Big Hit Music, the management company, the total number of people who visited Sofai Stadium over two days was about 106,000. After the concert, Jimin’s name was mentioned more than 3.3 million on Facebook. Also on Twitter, Jimin’s unique hashtag ‘#JIMIN’ exceeded 2 million mentions and received explosive attention.

Meanwhile, BTS will continue their concert at the same place on December 1-2. After that, on the 3rd, they will perform on the stage of ‘2021 Jingle Ball’, the largest music festival in the United States.
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